Monday, September 17, 2018

Sissy Uncovered, Part Two

Saturday morning found me on the trio’s doorstep…dressed in a pink cap-sleeved woman’s t-shirt, tight black Capri pants, and my own pair of pink heels. Beneath it all, I again wore my pink bra and panties. I’d done a light makeup job…some pale blue eyeshadow, mascara, blush and pink lipgloss. Nervously, I rang the bell.

Holly answered the door and smiled. “Hello, there, sissy…it’s a good thing you showed up. Julie was getting ready to post your pictures!” She pointed inside. “Now, mince your way to the playroom—it’s in the back on the right.”

I worked my way back to the room she indicated, where I found Julie and Tracy waiting. “Strip, honey,” Julie ordered. “Right down to your scanties…” I obeyed, and stood before them in bra, panties and heels. “Very cute,” Tracy commented. She pointed to a bed in the corner. “Lie down, face up, spread-eagled.”
I took the position she ordered. Quickly, the three dommes secured me to the bedposts, and then ripped off my panties. “We’ll give you an even prettier pair before you leave today, sweetie,” Holly said. I looked to my right, and Tracy was holding a vibrating dildo, coating it in lubricant. I heard the ominous hum as she turned it on. “You know where this is going, right, sissy?” She gently worked the shaft into my rectum. “This place is now to be known as your ass-pussy, darling. And what you’re about to get is a sissy milking.”

The vibration had already made my cock hard and now Julie knelt between my legs and began pumping it with her hand. “The idea is to empty your sissy body of all its nasty male stuff, all its cock cream, so you feel completely soft and docile and feminine.” It didn’t take long for my cock to explode. Julie cleaned me up and then Tracy took her place. “One little spurting won’t do it, sissy…you need to be really empty.” Tracy worked her hand up and down on my member, making it hard again. It took longer this time, and the amount of cock cream, as they termed it, was smaller…but I did have another ejaculation.

Now it was Holly’s turn. She turned the vibrator up a couple of notches. “Have to increase the stimulation to make the last milking mean anything,” she noted. She gently pumped, and soon a trickle of liquid, more pre-cum than cream, came from the head of my cock. “That should do it,” Holly said, as she cleaned me up. “Feeling soft and pretty now, sissy?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered. I had never felt this way before…simultaneously empty and yet aroused.

Julie removed the dildo…and then produced a butt-plug of equal length and girth. She lubed it and pushed it gently into my ass-pussy. “This stays in all the time, except just before bed when you can remove it for cleaning—then it goes right back in. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied.

“Feels good to be constantly filled, doesn’t it, sissy?” Tracy asked. She handed me another pair of pink panties…in satin, with lace around the legs. “Put these on, we have more to do!”

They took me to the bedroom we’d used before and sat me at the vanity. They cleansed my face of my cosmetic job and went to work on their own. When they were done, I’d never looked so pretty before. I expected a wig to go with this, but they ownly pinned a big pink bow in my hair instead. “No girly hair for you, sissy…not yet. We expect you to grow your own out to a length where we can curl, perm and set it as we wish!” Holly explained.

Julie came forward with a lacy concoction. It was a little girl’s party dress…but in adult size. She began by settling a massive petticoat around my hips…so full it stood out nearly horizontal. Then she dropped the dress over my head and worked at arranging it just so over the pettis. It was a pink satin confection, with lace trim at the collar, cuffs and hem. Tracy brought a white apron that she tied around my waist, with an enormous bow at the back.

“Sit, sissy,” Holly commanded. She removed my pink heels and put frilly little girl’s socks on my feet, followed by a pair of pink patent-leather mary-janes. “Go look in the mirror,” she ordered.

I stood and stared. Except for my height and my hair, I looked like a little girl of ten, dressed for a party. Again, they directed me in a series of poses—each designed to make me look like the most swishy of femme males—and took dozens of pictures. “You know the rules now, sissy…do as we say, or these photos go up on the neighborhood Facebook page,” Tracy reminded me.

Holly walked me to the door and kissed me goodbye. “Go on home now, sissy. But be back here next Saturday…and wear something with lots of frills when you come.”

By now, it was dusk, and I was able to get home without encountering anyone else. I sat down and felt the plug in my ass-pussy. Strangely, it felt good and natural. Were my new Mistresses turning me into something very submissive and feminine?