Sunday, October 15, 2017

Inspired by Lola: Tammy's Trance

Tommy sat at his computer...but he didn't look much like a "Tommy". His face was fully made-up: foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, red lipstick. Beneath his floral t-shirt and denim miniskirt, he wore a well-padded 36C bra, pink panties, and thigh-high stockings. His feet were shod in black patent pumps with four-inch heels.

He was logged onto a chat room. He typed:

Mistress, what have you done to me?

Why do you even ask, Tammy...when you know that obedience is pleasure?

Tommy felt his cock enlarge and twitch in his panties at those words.

Yee, Mistress, obedience is pleasure; pleasure is arousal; obedience is arousal.

Good girl. You're such a sweet sissified submissive.

And again, Tommy's cock reacted to his mistress's typed words.

How did this happen, Mistress? All I did was find this chat room and begin communicating with you a month ago.

You asked for it, remember, dear? You said you wanted to experience true femininity, true submission. I told you I could give you that, if you surrendered your will to me in hypnosis.

But I didn't believe it was possible. You can't hypnotize someone with just words on a screen....

I did, though, didn't I? You barely remember your first trance now...but that is when I began your transformation into a pretty sissified submissive.

And Tommy's cock grew once more, and his need for climax became urgent.

Please, Mistress, may I spurt?

Not yet,'s nice to sleep...nice, nice, nice...

Nice, nice, nice, nice...

And Tommy murmured the word aloud as he typed, until finally the spell took hold and he fell again into trance.

Welcome back to trance, Tammy. It's time for further instructions....
From now on, whenever I say or type cock rock hard, your little thing will become fully erect and you will have an urgent need to spurt.
But you will be unable to do so until I say or type spurt-spasm, at which time--without touching your little thing--you will have an immediate powerful climax.

Do you understand?

Yes, nice, cock rock hard...spurt-spasm...

Good girl! You will awake in 1--2--3!

Tommy awoke from trance, vaguely aware that time had passed and something in him had changed once more.

Well, Tammy, is your cock rock hard?

And, just like that, instantly, it was...

Oh, Mistress, please let me come! Please! Please!

No, not just yet...after all, obedience is pleasure...

Tommy gasped...but typed in reply:

Yee, Mistress, obedience is pleasure; pleasure is arousal; obedience is arousal.

Good girl! And now it is time you actually saw your Mistress. Activate your web-cam and click on the video button on the right of the screen....

Tommy followed orders. As he did so, a new window opened on his screen. In it's lower right corner, he saw his own feminized image...but the main area was filled with the beautiful face of his Mistress.

"Hello, Tammy...isn't it nice to see me at last?"

"Yes, Mistress...nice...."

"Now, now, no trance just yet. First--spurt-spasm!"

And Mistress smiled as she watched her Tammy's body shudder and shake with her most powerful orgasm ever!


Friday, October 13, 2017

Not Crazy After All These Years

Some more thoughts on crossdressing from this site:

Myth: Crossdressers are mentally ill and that is why they have the urge to crossdress. Fact: Although it is possible for a mentally ill person to also be a crossdresser, crossdressing is not the result of a mental illness, but rather one of many personal traits that some people have genetically woven into them. This particular trait just happens to be widely misunderstood and have a social stigma attached to it.

Crossdressing falls outside of what is currently socially acceptable. What is socially accepted and what is not, does not draw the line between sane and crazy. It pains me to no avail that much of society thinks terrible things about me because I am a crossdresser, but I am most certainly not crazy or mentally ill.

As usual, it is worthwhile to read the entire article.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tighter Please

To be honest, I'm not all that thrilled with how this one came out; it's one of my earliest attempts at the photo manipulation and the pieces didn't quite fit together as I hoped. Still the dialogue is good...

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