Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Poll Results: Dani's Best Look--Week 16

Here's the winner from the current survey:

And here are the entries for the new survey:

The silver/white tiger-stripe miniskirt is from Wal-Mart's No Boundaries line in May 2014; the sparkly sweater is from Target's Mossimo line in September 2012; the shoes are Moda Spana pewter spike heel pumps, a thrift shop find in November 2012. Other accessories are a shiny bow, silver and chunky jewelry, and white hose.

The blue striped pencil skirt is by Olivia & Martin, bought at K&G in September 2015; the white blouse with silver trim is by New Look, bought at Foreman Mills in September 2014; the shoes are Double Comfort "Madeline" spectator t-strap pumps, from Payless in January 2016. Other accessories are a white bow, scarf, skinny belt, silver jewelry, and natural hose.

The green dress with henley collar is by Route 66, from Kmart in August 2009; the shoes are Mossimo "Viveca Blingy" green suede pumps, from Target in February 2013. Other accessories are a red bow, scarf, red jewelry, red belt, and natural hose.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Pansy Pink

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Can A Real Man Become A Real Woman Using Hypnosis?

Another look at what may only be a fantasy idea of what hypnosis can accomplish:

So why would anyone want to participate in a feminization hypnosis session. Some men really want to know what it would feel like to be a woman. These men take what for most men would be nothing more than a curious thought from time to time or an occasional full blown fantasy and try to actually make it real.

Some men just want to connect with their feminine side and see this kind of hypnotic process as a viable way to do that. The obvious group of men who would use feminization hypnosis a lot would be those who are transsexuals and transvestites.

To complete the transformation beyond merely dressing as a woman, hypnosis can allow them, to actually become a woman using the power of the imagination and suggestion used by the hypnotist.

While a lot of men may want to experience feminization hypnosis every once in a while and don't really have any desire to live as a woman there are a number of men who would like to live their life as a woman on all levels. For these men hypnosis can provide a bridge to the mental and emotional states of a woman that they are seeking to experience every day of their life.

This type of hypnosis is really an ongoing psychological and emotional conditioning course where a great deal of time is spent in hypnosis with a view to change the male at a very deep identity level. This re-programming would need to be undertaken with the help of a trained professional hypnotherapist and supplemented with self hypnosis and take home audio sessions.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Poll Results Delayed

Once again, voting is light, so I am exgtending the poll for a week.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

School for Cross-Dressers

Here's a report on a very special "academy":

On a brisk fall afternoon, Pat shows up at the Manhattan apartment dressed like your typical soccer dad. He's wearing a baseball cap, sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers. He's greeted at the door with a kiss on the cheek by the gracefully-attired Veronica Vera.

In a few hours, after Vera and her team have asked Pat a few questions about his female persona and provided him some practical lessons in social graces and female aesthetics, he'll walk back out as "Bianca"– a sassy, 30-something-looking strawberry blonde.

"That's the perfect cue for my line, 'For every woman who burned her bra, there's a man burning to wear one,' " says Vera, who goes by the name Miss Vera.

About 60 percent of the people who come to Miss Vera's academy describe themselves as straight married men.

In fact, Pat came to Miss Vera's Finishing School with the support of his wife of 15 years. She asked that we refer to her by her middle name, Leigh — because she too is concerned about potential scorn. Leigh says she sees how becoming Bianca lifts the weight of the world off her husband's shoulders.

"It's definitely a stress release for him," she says. "It definitely helps him have more balance in his life. And all of that is good. It's good for me as his wife. It's good for my children."

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Friday, June 2, 2017

How Does Feminization Hypnosis Work?

I don't believe the process described here really works, but it makes for a great fantasy...

Feminization hypnosis conditions the deeper part of the mind, which is the subconscious. Slowly, but surely, it programs the subconscious so that you will think, act, and look like a woman. The whole process can be so powerful that it simply doesn’t stop in conquering the mind. In fact, it merely starts there. Because once feminization hypnosis has fully trained the mind, everything else follows.

The mind will then work to instruct all other body processes and hormones to behave in the same manner as a woman’s. In effect, you would feel more womanly, the way you walk would be different, and your voice would sound more feminine.

Feminization hypnosis works through the power of suggestion. By listening to the therapist’s hypnotic voice, seeds of femininity are encouraged inside you. All physical changes it produces are more or less permanent, although you must still work to maintain them. But once they become second nature to you, everything else happens quite naturally.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Poll Results: Dani's Best Look--Week 15

Here's this week's winner:

And the choices for the next round:

The blue pencil skirt is by UK2LA, bought at Annie Sez in February 2015; the blue twinset is by Sag Harbor, a thrift shop find in November 2012; the shoes are Christian Siriano "Manic" blue pumps, from Payless in February 2015. Other accessories are a blue bow, silver jewelry, and natural hose.

The plaid dress is by RnB, bought at Ross in June 2016. The shoes are Dexflex Comfort "Karie" gray peep-toe pumps, from Payless in April 2016. Other accessories are a red floral headband, and gold jewelry.

The blue striped skirt is by Miss Majesty, bought at Fashion Bug in November 2012; the lace v-neck floral t-shirt is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in February 2015; the shoes are Predictions Comfort Plus "Janine" yellow patent pumps, from Payless in May 2015. Other accessories are a yellow bow, blue jewelry, and white hose.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

May Dressing: Stripes

This is the only dressing session this month; I'd intended to do two outfits, but the other one didn't work out. I was going to see if I could make a too-tight blouse fit better with a smaller set of boob inserts...but even with an empty bra, it was still gaping between the buttons. (FTR, it's the leopard-print blouse.) So, I decided the outfit wasn't worth photographing or posting...and the blouse has gone to Goodwill.

The striped sheath is by Haani, bought at Ross in April 2016; the shoes are Christian Siriano "Shanghai" neutral peep-toe pumps from Payless in April 2011. Other accessories are black-and-white jewelry and natural hose.

I think this is one of the best portraits I've done all year:

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Japanese Club Lets Boys Be Girls

Here's a news article about the kind of place I wish was possible in the US:

Like many haunts in Shinjuku Ni-chome, Tokyo’s gay quarter, Onnanoko Club (Girls’ Club) seeks to provide a home from home for its clientele, with staff chatting at ease with customers to take their minds off the stresses of daily life.

The smiling hostesses are decked out in tasteful, carefully chosen outfits, with immaculate makeup and hairstyles.

Only one element of the stylish Japanese woman’s arsenal is missing — nail art. Their neatly trimmed but bare fingernails are the only hint that outside of the bar, the staff dress and act as society expects every man to do.

Manager Kuriko, 31, sits poised on a low pink sofa with all the mannerisms of a confident young woman, but describes himself as a man and goes by male pronouns.

“In my private life I’m a man, of course, and I dress as a woman for work — it’s both incredibly tiring and incredibly satisfying,” the former real estate agent explained over an iced tea.

Kuriko feels fulfilled when he sees regular customers gradually grow more confident in themselves before his eyes.

“Perhaps the first time they come, they won’t dress up but will just sit quietly and observe others. Then next time they’ll dress up, realize how good they look, and over repeated visits they’ll come out of their shell,” he said.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Poll Results Delayed

Since voting seems a bit slow, I'm keeping the poll open an extra week.
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Monday, May 22, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

What can hypnosis do?

More on feminization hypnosis from this site:

Feminization hypnosis is a voluntary process where an individual goes through a relaxed trance stage through hypnosis. For transvestite, transgender and transsexuals, it can efficiently allow them to experience their desire to become a woman. Here, they can uncover their fantasy and bring out their feminine side.

During hypnosis, you are allowed to respond to positive suggestions and visualizations. It is somehow programming your mind and body to act like a female. As a result, you are able to behave and act just like how you would perceive a woman to behave.

...It can change your manner, reaction and even your emotional characteristics. Woman by nature is sensitive, caring and demure, among other things. With feminization hypnosis you would behave and act like a woman.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

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Friday, May 12, 2017

A Fun Look at Petticoating

A somewhat humorous and fetishistic look at petticoating:

These steps in Petticoating will teach your boy to be such a quiet, obedient and hard-working little sissy maid! He will no longer be a boisterous boy, but a gorgeous girl; the docile and deferential composed young lady will now become a submissive slave complete with the clothes, bearing, gestures, language, tastes, thoughts and even the soul of a girl. Boys are transformed into cute sissies, sexy sluts, rubber dolls, or sweet baby girls.

The first day in will be putting your boy in a corset. He will have to wear corsets for the rest of his life. He will no longer be a boisterous boy, but a composed young lady and a gorgeous girl.
Definitely a cage-type or full-lock chastity around the penis is appropriate. (The type of chastity belt is optional and up to you.) You want your unruly girl to realize how open and available she is to a very humbling time across the lap of the Governess! It should keep the penis suitably hidden and very well to where it is not visible. (Castration is optional. It's your choice.)
The second day will be putting your sissy maid into boots. Her boots are so important to maintain Her perfect posture, sissy gait and her enforced femininity! (Knee high's optional. Again, it's your choice.)
Males that are inferior WILL adore the sexual positions and beg for it. Make you sissy maid understanding their place in the social order of your new household is very important that you are the boss and the Governess is in charge! Stockings, a rather sexy article of clothing usually worn by women with a skirt or dress. Most shemales refuse to wear them because they say they're uncomfortable which makes the sissy learn their lessons easier.
The third and final day will be ear piercing. You are to pierce her ears yourself. Earrings in place with every feminized movement throughout her days in obedient serfitude. (This and genital piercing are optional. Again, it's your choice.) You know have a perfect sweet little sissy maid who is obedient, submissive, demure, loyal, and chaste. The role of the perfect sweet little chambermaid and she will be obedient, demure and chaste in her every activity! Understanding their place in the social order of your new household is very important!
I'm sure that you will be very careful. It is about the dominant women who absolutely love and take care of males by locking them into chastity and controlling their sexual life. Boys will be deprived of their masculinity and forced to be extremely feminine. Boys are transformed into cute girls, maids, sexy sluts, and sweet sissies.That includes chastity training and orgasm control.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Poll Results--Dani's Best Look: Week 14

This week's winner, by a squeaky one-vote:

And here are the choices for the next round:

The brown jersey dress is one of my oldest purchases, by Kmart's Attention line, way back in April 2008; the shoes, on the other hand, are among my newest, Anne Michelle "Deluxe-23" neutral pumps, from K&G in September 2015. Other accessories are the brown fedora, scarf, gold jewelry, blue belt, and natural hose.

The short black skirt is from Kmart's Attention line in January 2011; the lavender satin blouse is by Forenza, a thrift shop find in July 2015; the shoes are the oldest pair I own, black mary-janes by Isaac Mizrahi, from Target in November 2007. Other accessories are a pastel bow, black-and-white jewelry, and natural hose.

The aqua dress is by Apt. 9, bought at Kohl's in May 2013; the shoes are John Romaine "Tina" taupe sandals, from Shoe Dept. in July 2015. Other accessories are a white bow, silver jewelry, and natural hose.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Too Boyish?

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