Monday, December 10, 2018

More Archelle

Continuing the inspiration from Mistress Lola, here are a couple more of Archie's transformations:

I'll be doing these every Monday until I run out.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Year 11 in Review

As always on the first week of December, I am posting the slideshow of my best photos of the past 12 months. I consider this "Dani's birthday," as it is the anniversary of the first time I had dressed completely after a 30-year hiatus.

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Return of Archelle

In an e-mail over the weekend, Mistress Lola said she wanted to see more of my work transforming Archie Andrews into his feminine self, Archelle. I had stopped doing these mostly because I had run out of material to work from. But, as always, Mistress Lola inspired me and I found some 20 or so images to work with.

These three are the best of what I've come up with so far, the ones that I think will most thrill and please Mistress Lola and all of you. There will be more next week.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Portrait Gallery Three

The final two sets of portraits:

I'd be interested in comments on which of these looks best.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Portrait Gallery Two

Two more sets of photos from my recent shoot:

Two more sets of these to come.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Under Control, conclusion

Part Five:

Over the next six months, Justin became more and more feminine, truly earning the right to be called "Justine." Ms. Control changed his clothing style to silk, satin, and lace, with petticoats galore. He slowly graduated to higher and higher heels, until at last he could mince on six-inch stilettoes without fear of stumbling.

In the meanwhile, Ms. Control deepened her power over Honora as well, until the formerly dominant older woman became a pretty submissive plaything for her younger lover. Honora also began to wear prissier clothing, giving up her tight skirts and blouses for little-girlish attire. The two women shared a bed at all times, often joined by Justin, who became accomplished at bringing each of them to climax using only his tongue and lips--while he became addicted to coming when his ass-pussy was filled and stimulated. In time, he began to wear a butt-plug constantly, which only added to the enticing wiggle of his walk.

The trio became well-known in the lesbian community of town, although few knew how much a part the young "Justine" played in their sexual activity. Finally, one night, as they dined in the local gay hangout, a leading member of the community approached them. "Connie, Honora, you know the anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage is approaching," she began. "We'd like to celebrate the occasion by having a spectacular lesbian marriage right here in this club. I know you two are a committed couple, with a lovely ward here in Justine. Are you ready and willing to make it official as part of our celebration?"

Honora, in her now-accustomed submissive role, blushed and turned to Ms. Control. "It would, of course, be up to you, dear," she said, shyly.

"I think it's a wonderful idea," Ms. Control agreed. "And Justine can be our maid of honor." She turned to the community leader. "That is, as long as I can make all the arrangements..." The community leader readily agreed and they set a date. Ms. Control looked at her two lovers and slaves. "We will make a beautiful trio...and I know exactly what we should wear."

One month later, the club was decked out for the wedding with lots of pink and white. In a room near the back, Ms. Control looked over her companions. "You both look scrumptious. Are you wearing the appropriate accoutrements?"

"Yes, Ms. Control," Honora replied. "I have a vibrator on low deep in my pussy and my nipples are pierced."

"Yes, Ms. Control," Justin also answered. "I am using my vibrating butt-plug and my heels are locked to my feet."

"Very good! Ahh...there's the wedding march. Time for our entrance," Ms. Control announced. Justin led the way in his short pink strapless dress floating over his petticoats. As always, he carried his hands and arms in the sissy posture and his step was never longer than eight inches. Honora followed in a short frilly wedding dress with deep decolletage.

When they reached the temporary altar, a fanfare sounded and Ms. Control began her walk down the aisle, slinking in her long, sensuous ivory satin gown, the very picture of dominant lesbian power. She took her place beside Honora and the officiant began the ceremony. When it came time for the vows, they spoke the ones Ms. Control had prepared.

"I promise to be a loving, obedient, submissive never argue or defy," Honora said. "I am a pretty plaything for my partner."

And then Ms. Control said, "I promise to be a loving, demanding, dominant always maintain my authority over her and use her as my delicate plaything."

Silently, Justin went over the vows he had agreed to: "I promise to be a submissive male lesbian lover to both my partners, to be a source of arousal for them, to always obey them in all things...."

The officiant pronounced them a married couple and Ms. Control kissed them both in turn, whispering in their ears, "You may come now."

And they both did.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Portrait Gallery One

Unfortunately, I will not have the opportunity for a full-on dressing and photo session this month, as the wife's usual evening out has been cancelled. I did have time this past Monday for something a bit less complicated.

I pulled out all six of my wigs...including three I haven't worn in ages...put on makeup and set up for a series of portrait shots. I also included my prop glasses in some of them.

Here are the results of the first two, featuring my straight black wig and the very curly red one.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Under Control, Part Four

Part Four:

Over the next month, Honora and Ms. Control slowly increased the femininity of Justin's wardrobe, without ever making him look completely like a girl. They added A-cup inserts to his training bra, began to include lace on the cuffs and collars of his tops, added tight short-shorts and capri pants to his bottoms, and now all his shoes had one-inch kitten heels. Thanks to continued exposure to the hypnotic phone app, he grew to be aroused at the sound of his heels click-clacking on the hardwood floors of their home. And, of course, he slept in nothing but baby-doll pajamas.

Near the end of the month, Justin awoke one night to the sound of soft moaning from Honora's room. Was his Aunty Honora all right, he wondered. He slipped into his heeled mule slippers and minced down to her door. He knocked and called softly, "Aunty Honora, is everything okay?" The moaning simply continued. He pushed the door open and found Ms. Control laying on the bed, her legs spread, and Honora between them, servicing the other woman's pussy. The moans, it seems, were from Ms. Control, in the throes of orgasm.

"Everything is...just fine," Ms. Control said. "It's time you realized that your Aunty Honora is my lover. In fact, she is as much in my control as you are. Watch!" She shifted position and Honora raised her head from her worship. The TV came on and the screen filled with the same swirling colors that entranced Justin on his phone. Honora's eyes were glued to them. "Honora, who am I?"

"You are Ms. Control, my lover, my Mistress," Justin's aunt replied, a soft smile on her face.

"And who are you?"

"I am Honora, your puppet, your obedient servant," Honora said.

Ms. Control turned to Justin, whose eyes were also riveted to the TV screen. "And who are you, Justin?"

"I am Justin, the pretty sissy, in training to be the male lesbian lover of both Ms. Control and my Aunty Honora," he murmured.

"Very good!" Ms. Control grinned. "As long as you're here, we might as well move on to the next step of your training." She lay back down, legs spread again. "Come here and worship me as you saw your Aunty doing." She looked at Honora. "Get your strap-on harness and dildo! It's time Justin learned more of being a sissy."

Justin took his place on the bed, his round ass in the air. Honora came back with the dildo bouncing at her crotch. She lubricated it and knelt behind Justin. "Just relax and let it happen, Justin," Ms. Control advised. "I promise you it will be pleasurable." Justin buried his head between her thighs, tasting her juices and seeking out her button. Honora positioned the head of the dildo at his ass-pussy and slowly pushed in.

Justin gasped, but never stopped attending to Ms. Control. "Very good," the hypnotic mistress said. "Now, Honora, slow and easy...let our sissy feel the joy of being filled." The scene went on for some 30 minutes. Ms. Control had several orgasms and, upon her final one, she said, "All right, Honora, Justin, you may have your own climaxes."

Honora thrust the dildo deep into Justin, and his sissy-cock exploded with cream. Ms. Control scooped it up with her fingers and fed it to both Justin and Honora. "Excellent, my pets. Tomorrow, Justin can truly become Justine!"