Monday, September 17, 2018

Sissy Uncovered, Part Two

Saturday morning found me on the trio’s doorstep…dressed in a pink cap-sleeved woman’s t-shirt, tight black Capri pants, and my own pair of pink heels. Beneath it all, I again wore my pink bra and panties. I’d done a light makeup job…some pale blue eyeshadow, mascara, blush and pink lipgloss. Nervously, I rang the bell.

Holly answered the door and smiled. “Hello, there, sissy…it’s a good thing you showed up. Julie was getting ready to post your pictures!” She pointed inside. “Now, mince your way to the playroom—it’s in the back on the right.”

I worked my way back to the room she indicated, where I found Julie and Tracy waiting. “Strip, honey,” Julie ordered. “Right down to your scanties…” I obeyed, and stood before them in bra, panties and heels. “Very cute,” Tracy commented. She pointed to a bed in the corner. “Lie down, face up, spread-eagled.”
I took the position she ordered. Quickly, the three dommes secured me to the bedposts, and then ripped off my panties. “We’ll give you an even prettier pair before you leave today, sweetie,” Holly said. I looked to my right, and Tracy was holding a vibrating dildo, coating it in lubricant. I heard the ominous hum as she turned it on. “You know where this is going, right, sissy?” She gently worked the shaft into my rectum. “This place is now to be known as your ass-pussy, darling. And what you’re about to get is a sissy milking.”

The vibration had already made my cock hard and now Julie knelt between my legs and began pumping it with her hand. “The idea is to empty your sissy body of all its nasty male stuff, all its cock cream, so you feel completely soft and docile and feminine.” It didn’t take long for my cock to explode. Julie cleaned me up and then Tracy took her place. “One little spurting won’t do it, sissy…you need to be really empty.” Tracy worked her hand up and down on my member, making it hard again. It took longer this time, and the amount of cock cream, as they termed it, was smaller…but I did have another ejaculation.

Now it was Holly’s turn. She turned the vibrator up a couple of notches. “Have to increase the stimulation to make the last milking mean anything,” she noted. She gently pumped, and soon a trickle of liquid, more pre-cum than cream, came from the head of my cock. “That should do it,” Holly said, as she cleaned me up. “Feeling soft and pretty now, sissy?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered. I had never felt this way before…simultaneously empty and yet aroused.

Julie removed the dildo…and then produced a butt-plug of equal length and girth. She lubed it and pushed it gently into my ass-pussy. “This stays in all the time, except just before bed when you can remove it for cleaning—then it goes right back in. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied.

“Feels good to be constantly filled, doesn’t it, sissy?” Tracy asked. She handed me another pair of pink panties…in satin, with lace around the legs. “Put these on, we have more to do!”

They took me to the bedroom we’d used before and sat me at the vanity. They cleansed my face of my cosmetic job and went to work on their own. When they were done, I’d never looked so pretty before. I expected a wig to go with this, but they ownly pinned a big pink bow in my hair instead. “No girly hair for you, sissy…not yet. We expect you to grow your own out to a length where we can curl, perm and set it as we wish!” Holly explained.

Julie came forward with a lacy concoction. It was a little girl’s party dress…but in adult size. She began by settling a massive petticoat around my hips…so full it stood out nearly horizontal. Then she dropped the dress over my head and worked at arranging it just so over the pettis. It was a pink satin confection, with lace trim at the collar, cuffs and hem. Tracy brought a white apron that she tied around my waist, with an enormous bow at the back.

“Sit, sissy,” Holly commanded. She removed my pink heels and put frilly little girl’s socks on my feet, followed by a pair of pink patent-leather mary-janes. “Go look in the mirror,” she ordered.

I stood and stared. Except for my height and my hair, I looked like a little girl of ten, dressed for a party. Again, they directed me in a series of poses—each designed to make me look like the most swishy of femme males—and took dozens of pictures. “You know the rules now, sissy…do as we say, or these photos go up on the neighborhood Facebook page,” Tracy reminded me.

Holly walked me to the door and kissed me goodbye. “Go on home now, sissy. But be back here next Saturday…and wear something with lots of frills when you come.”

By now, it was dusk, and I was able to get home without encountering anyone else. I sat down and felt the plug in my ass-pussy. Strangely, it felt good and natural. Were my new Mistresses turning me into something very submissive and feminine?

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Monday, September 3, 2018

Sissy Uncovered

At the urging of Mistress Lola, here's a little story inspired by the events covered in this post.

The three female joggers ran past me in the opposite direction. They looked strong, powerful, but still beautiful and feminine…and I wondered if they’d noticed anything odd about me. I glanced behind and saw they had stopped running and were looking back, whispering and snickering.

Finally, one of them, the redhead, jogged back to me, followed by the other  two.  She pointed at my feet. “I was right,” she said to her companions. “He’s wearing patent-leather mary-janes! And I think those are pink tights I see as well!”

The blonde came up to me from the front and ran her hand over my chest. “Got a bra on, too,” she announced.

The brunette was boldest, as she passed her hand over my crotch. “He’s excited…bet he’s wearing panties!” Now the three of them circled me, looking me over. Finally, the redhead said, “How about it, sweetheart? How much of a sissy are you?”

I gulped. “I’m just a guy who likes girly things,” I tried to explain…but she cut me off. “You mean you’re a sissy, a pansy, a nancy-boy, right?” I looked at her blankly. She grabbed my ass. “Right?” she repeated in a louder voice.

“All right, I’m a total sissy…I wear panties and stockings almost every day.”

The blonde looked closer at my face. “Lip gloss, too, girls…very pink!” She looked me in the eye. “You like pink, don’t you, sissy? Your bra and panties are pink, too, right?” I stammered….

Answer her, sissy!” The redhead demanded, grabbing my ass harder.

“Y…Yes, they’re all pink,” I replied. “Answer her correctly, sissy,” the redhead said, now grabbing my crotch. “What do you call a woman who knows you’re a sissy?”

“Yes…Mistress…they’re all pink,” I said, hanging my head in shame and humiliation.

“Hey, the more we tease him, the harder his little thing is getting!” the redhead announced. “He’s getting off on this!” She beckoned them to her and whispered. Then she said, “I think we should see just how girly he can be. Grab his arms, girls, and we’ll take him home!”

They were far stronger than I and, anyway, I was afraid they would strip me right there in the street. So I let them escort me to the house they shared nearby. Once inside, they did strip me to my bra, panties, tights, and shoes. “Very cute, sweetie,” the redhead complimented me, as the other two nodded in agreement. “Hey, Julie,” the redhead, who was named Holly, went on,  addressing the blonde, “he…or maybe she…looks to be about your size. Let’s find our sissy something more to wear!”

Julie led me into her room and began looking through her closet. “I don’t want you to be too feminine, sweetheart…I like the idea of an obvious sissy!” She came out with a one-piece romper—in pink—and held it in front of me. “This should work!” She thrust into my hands and said, “Get dressed, honey!”

I unzipped the back of the romper and stepped into it. She helped me zip it up. “Almost ready…” she said, as she balled up a pair of socks and stuffed them into my bra. “Just a cute pair of teeny titties,” she snickered. Then she led me back to the living room, where her two roommates waited.

I stood before them, the first time anyone had seen me in feminine attire. “Nice choice,” the brunette,  whom the others called Tracy, said. “But I think she needs a little more.” She took me by the hand into her room and pointed to the vanity. “Sit there, sweetie.” She wiped off my lip gloss and then dusted my eyelids with a pale pink color, added a touch of mascara, a little very pink blush, and a bright pink lipstick. She brushed my hair into a sort-of feminine style and then pinned a big pink bow in it. Then we went back to the living room.

Holly was waiting with a pair of shoes…pink pumps with three-inch heels. “These should complete the picture!” she said. She pushed me into a chair and handed me the shoes. “They may be a little tight…I’m only a size ten!” They were tight, but I managed to squeeze them on.

They pulled me to my feet and ordered me to pose while they used their cell phones to take dozens of photos. “These go on the neighborhood Facebook page if you don’t do exactly as we say,” Holly advised. “We want you to go out and buy some nice girly clothes,” she said, “then report back here next Saturday…and every Saturday from now on…for some sissy fun with us!”

She pointed to the door. “Now, go!” I hesitated. “What about my clothes? Can’t I change back first?”

“No,” Hollyreplied. “You walk home just as you are…and when you come back on Saturday, you better be just as pretty as you are now.”

I left, mincing in the tight heels, uneasy about being seen…but aroused and happy that I had found three strong, beautiful Mistresses!


Monday, August 27, 2018

Undercover Sissy

Two weeks ago, Mistress Lola gave me the following instructions:

Let's I think you will be an undercover sissy. Panties, stockings/tights and a bra, underneath your normal clothes, and go for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

To which I replied:

Unfortunately, today is not a good day for such an adventure, as much as I would enjoy it! I am expecting that I may have an opportunity next Monday, if my wife's call for jury duty goes through. Either then, or the next opportunity, I will happily comply and send you a report on the experience.

Well, as promised, last Monday, I obeyed her instructions. In fact, I was a bit more daring, as I added my black patent-leather kitten-heel mary-janes to the outfit, and wore pink lipgloss as well. I felt incredibly sissyish as I stepped out the door and heard my heels click-clack on the pavement (always a thrill!). Unfortunately, there was no real opportunity for sissy humiliation, as the only people I saw on my walk were a few guys on a construction crew, who paid me no mind whatsoever. (Perhaps if I had stuffed my bra they might have noticed?)

At any rate, when I returned home I was still a little aroused and still wearing my hidden undies and shoes. As always, I await further instructions, commands or post-hypnotic suggestions from my hypnotic mistress.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Blown Away

A friend on deviantArt asked me to do a cartoon on her fave fetish...the revealing wind-blown skirt. So here it is:

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sunday, August 19, 2018

August Dressing 2: Pink Perfection

The final dressing session for August and for the summer quarter....

The fuchsia shirt dress is from Kmart's Attention line in February 2015; the shoes are Fioni fuchsia pink pumps from Payless in January 2009. Other acccessories are a pink polka-dot bow, pink scarf, black-and-white jewelry, and pink patterned hose.

And two portraits:

Next dressing probably in mid-September.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

August Dressing 1: Denim Doll

There will only be two postings of dressing this month, as that's all I had the opportunity for. Here's the first:

The denim minidress is by Roommates, bought at Forman Mills in January 2012; the shoes are Fioni "In the Mix" navy felt peep-toe pumps, from Payless in February 2011. Other accessories are a floral headband, gold jewelry, and black hose.

I like the first portrait a lot; the second not as much.

As I noted, one more outfit this month.

Monday, August 13, 2018

My Day as Maid Lola

Mistress Lola asked that I create a visual of my transformation into Maid Lola from our most recent hypno session. Here is what I sent her:

"What's your name, new maid?"

"My name is....Lola, Mistress"

And as you say it
it becomes real
You realise now
that you are Lola
You are maid Lola

I am maid Lola...

And all those non-Lola thoughts
spiral away
like the stirring of the tea
You are Lola
You are a maid
This is who you are
And Mistress Lola smiles
and says
"Of course. My good maid Lola"

On receiving that, Mistress Lola sent a new message, one with a trance induction and new post-hypnotic suggestions, suggestions that I would spend the day thinking and feeling as Maid Lola, even though outwardly I would be male. And that, at the end of the day, I would send her my reactions. Here is my report:

What a strange day it has been! I look down at myself and consciously I see the male version of Dani in t-shirt and jeans. But in my mind, I feel my corset, my well-padded bra with Mistress's magic mammaries, my pretty panties and my fishnet hose. I feel the rustle of my petticoats under the satin of my maid's uniform...and the tension in my arches and calves from my five-inch heels.

I speak and know I am using my male voice, but I hear the breathy tones and British accent of Maid Lola. I have to resist the urge to curtsey and give myself away. Even now, as I prepare for bed, I have a desire to wear my prettiest baby-doll nightie...a desire I resist because my wife would never understand.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Truly Scrumptious

Sissy points if you know the fictional character of that name....