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Petticoating the Boss, Chapter One: Angela Gets Dominant

"Angela! Come in here, please!" Steven's voice roared through the office door to his assistant. In moments, she was in the doorway.

"Yes, Steve. May I help you?" she asked sweetly.

Steve looked her over: He had hired Angela, he had to admit, mostly on the basis of her looks, but she had turned into the most efficient assistant he had ever had. Still she was a woman and looked it--although she had recently changed her style of dress, it seemed.

When he hired her, Angela's tastes seemed given to flowery, flowing prints, lace and silk. Until the last six months, he had never seen her in slacks. Now, she stood before him in a black leather business suit with a red satin blouse beneath the jacket. The skirt was short and tight--revealing her legs to mid-thigh. And those legs were, as always, spectacular, particularly now, perched on six-inch red heels. She had cut her hair recently as well, now wearing it in a stylish, but somewhat boyish cut. Her makeup remained impeccably tasteful--but it seemed more severe at the same time. When asked, she had passed the changes off as "the shifting winds of fashion," but Steven suspected there was more to it.

"I said, may I help you, Steve?" Angela's repeated query broke her boss out of his revery and he pointed to the coffeemaker on his credenza. "I'm out of coffee," he said. "Make some more, will you?

"Oh--and that pile of reports needs to be photocopied," he added, indicating the two-foot stack of papers on the corner of his desk.

Angela sighed, and moved to the coffeemaker, spooning coffee into the machine, getting a pot of water, and then left, picking up the reports on her way out. She closed the door behind her and leaned against it.

In many ways, Steven was one of the best employers she had ever had--but Angela had grown tired of his constant demands for her to perform duties she felt were beneath her title of assistant. She made the coffee and copied the reports--but those days were soon to end, she thought.

A little over six months ago, Angela had met Mistress Jennifer and Mistress Susan at a little bar on the East Side. Each was accompanied by a very intriguing companion. Jennifer introduced the lovely blonde by her side as Sissy Dani, her male lesbian slave. At Angela's wide-eyed, innocent stare, Jennifer displayed, surreptitiously, Dani's male equipment, and then showed how his bracelets could be locked together--and how much Dani loved the whole idea. Dani also wore a sedate but attractive white raw silk dress, its hem stopping six inches above her knees, sheer stockings, and white pumps with six-inch heels.

Turning to Susan, Angela noted that her friend, called Teasing Tammy, seemed quite young. "Indeed she is," answered Susan. "Tammy is just 16--but a real cockteaser, as you can tell from her clothing." Tammy was dressed in a short, frilly pink minidress that did little to hide her full, lush figure. She also wore sheer pink stockings and pink, lace-trimmed ankle socks, while her feet were shod in six-inch pink pumps. Tammy seemed determined to pick up a man in this bar, as she constantly let her skirt hike up to her stocking tops, while she pouted her lips and let her tongue slip out in a teasing fashion. "Actually, Tammy is my brother Tommy--he's been transformed just as Dani has," Susan admitted. "His role in life is to bring more men into our little TV trap."

Jennifer and Susan were both dressed in leather-- Jennifer in a red leather skirt and white satin blouse with black, thigh-high leather boots with six-inch heels, Susan in a black leather jumpsuit, decorated with zippers, including one that ran from her collar to her crotch, and was now pulled open to an inch below her otherwise naked breasts. She also wore six-inch heels, but hers were pumps set off by the pale stockings that showed between her ankles and the zippered bottoms of the pegged pants of her jumpsuit.

Both had miniature whips hanging from their belts, and a ring of keys. Jennifer explained the keys were for an assortment of locking bondage gear they kept in their purses.

Susan pointed out that Tammy was about to make a "conquest." A slender young man of about 22 had caught Tammy's eye and the two were now strolling to a dark booth elsewhere in the bar. "She'll signal us when she's ready for the next step," Susan said. "Tell us about yourself, Angela."

Intrigued by the unusual lifestyle these two attractive women had chosen for themselves, Angela spoke about her job as Steven's assistant and about the increasing frustration she felt at his consistent chauvinist attitude toward her and her duties. Jennifer grinned. "Sounds like a terrific candidate for our new transformation process," she pointed out. "We've been using hypnosis as our means of making our little darlings meet our expectations and needs...but now, a doctor friend has suggested a new method, involving drugs that heighten suggestibility. She says the process might take a little longer, but it wouldn't require the constant reinforcement that hypnosis does. Are you game?"

Angela's brow knitted while she thought about it. "Let me see how you handle Tammy's 'conquest,'" she replied. "I want to see how this works."

Jennifer and Susan agreed and the three turned back to the bar to await Tammy's signal that her friend was ready for them to pounce.

Half an hour later, Angela joined the two dominants and their slaves as they returned to Jennifer's house. Tammy's "conquest," Sal, slept peacefully between Dani and Tammy. Susan explained that Tammy had doused Sal's drink with a powerful sedative that would have the man knocked out for hours. Arriving at Jennifer's they carried the unconscious victim into the bedroom and bound him to the vanity bench.

Angela watched as they stripped him of his clothes-- suit, shirt, underwear and all. Tammy and Dani, acting like a pair of ladies' maids, dressed Sal in lingerie: frilly tap panties, padded bra, matching garterbelt, sheer stockings. Jennifer used cosmetics to feminize his youthful face--mascara, eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. She stepped back to examine her work. Satisfied, she settled a pair of earphones over Sal's head, turned out the overhead light and left him, still bound to the vanity bench, facing the brightly lit mirror.

"Now what?" Angela asked.

"Now the tape player will impress my hypnotic suggestions on his sleeping mind," Jennifer answered. "By morning, Sal will be Sally--in everything but body.

"Would you like to listen to a bit of the tape?" she asked.

Angela nodded, and Jennifer led her into the adjoining room, where she flipped a switch. Instantly, Jennifer's voice, in a soft sultry tone, filled the room. "I prepared this while Dani and Tammy were dressing him," she told Angela.

"You love women's clothes," the recorded voice told the drowsing Sal. "You love dressing and looking like a woman. The feel of satin, silk, and nylon arouses you. You are particularly fond of clothes that make you look like a servant. The traditional French maid's uniform--black satin minidress, cap, apron, black hose and very high heels--is a special turn-on. As such, your name will be Serving Sally.

"You are a sexual submissive. You are compelled to obey the commands and orders of women. You are particularly responsive to those who will dress you in beautiful clothes and keep you in bondage," the voice continued. "You want to be a male, lesbian slave. But you will never forget that you are a man, and the great humiliation of your feminine, submissive state.

"When the alarm clock strikes 6:30 a.m., you will awaken. You will not remember being hypnotized, but you will be prepared to follow my instructions implicitly. When you see yourself in the mirror upon awakening, you will immediately come. Forever after, the sight of yourself as a woman will be equated with sex in your mind: You will be unable to have sex while dressed as a male. At the snapping of my fingers, you will return to your 'normal' personality, with full memory of the humiliations you have experienced. The spoken phrase 'Tie your apron, Sally,' will bring back your maid-servant-slave personality....."

The voice drifted off and was replaced by soft soothing music. "The tape will repeat periodically through the night," Jennifer explained. "Now, come with me," she said.

Susan, Jennifer and Angela spent the rest of the evening planning Steven's transformation...but first would come Angela's own change. The two experienced dominants explained the importance of appearance--the dominant, by dressing in clothes that accented her feminine charms while also indicating her power, impressed a subtle message on the intended submissive. They went through many of their fashion magazines, pointing out to Angela the clothes that would best befit her wanted role of dominant woman.

Susan and Jennifer invited Angela to join them in bed that night, with Dani and Tammy, as well. Angela, although she had never experienced lesbian sex before, was enthralled with the pleasure she got from the others, particularly when the dominants ordered their crossdressed slaves to pleasure Angela's pussy and breasts. Later, Angela had her first taste of dominant power as she fucked Dani's ass with a dildo. It was a heady experience and set her firmly on the path of dominance. Steven's days as a free male were numbered!

The next morning the three opened the door to Sal/Sally's bedroom just before 6:30. As the clock began ringing, Sal's eyes popped open and he saw his feminized face in the brightly lit mirror above the vanity. At the same moment, his body shuddered and his cock exploded, filling the tap panties with cum. Jennifer, Susan and Angela all laughed at the reluctant TV's embarrassment.

"What the hell is going on?" he yelled as he strained at his bonds. "What are you doing to me?"

"Shut up!" shouted Jennifer. "And tie your apron, Sally!"

Angela watched the lingerie-clad man's eyes glaze over, as the feminine, submissive personality Jennifer's posthypnotic commands imposed took over his body. He lowered his eyes and said, apologetically, "Of course, Mistress. How may I serve you?"

"Wow!" thought Angela. "If he's this easy to handle after just one night of commands, how much can I manage to do with Steven once I get my claws into him?" She watched as Jennifer unbound Sally and showed her the maid's outfit laid out on the bed. The mesmerized TV practically threw herself at the satin uniform she had been trained to desire...and Angela observed how the little darling's cock filled the panties again.

With an urgency born of erotic desire, Sally slipped on the seven-inch black patent-leather pumps laid out for her, tied on her apron, perched her cap on her still masculine curls and curtseyed to the three women. "I am ready to serve, Mistresses--what may I do for you?"

Susan grinned as she circled the new maid, reaching under the petticoats to pat her ass. "Go make our bed, then start breakfast," she told Serving Sally, then chuckled as she watched the pantied ass under the petticoated miniskirt wiggle off to her chores.

Angela watched as well...and contemplated how she would alter Steven's psyche to her own demands.

More to come

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