Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sissy Forever, Part Three

That evening the three feminizers helped in preparing Robert for bed. All the clothes were removed. He was made to don a pair of nylon satin panties in bright red and an open-nippled night bra, a babydoll top, and capri bottoms, both in bright red satin. He was handed another pair of sandals. These were black patent-leather T-strap barefoot platform sandals.

His makeup was removed and Aunty applied a new coat of creamy red lipstick.

He slept in the extra twin bed in Deborah's room. Before Mother tucked Robert into bed he was handed two pills. Told they were vitamins, he took them. In reality, the pills were a mild sedative with hypnotic properties, guaranteed to put him to sleep quickly and in the proper frame of mind for tonight's "instructions".

Deborah's bed sheets were satin and the beds were four-poster French Provincial fairy princess beds. He was made to sleep with his T-strap sandals on. Aunty said that was to make him feel thoroughly emasculated.

Robert slid down into the sheets--the feeling was wonderful. He did not try to remove his bracelet wristwatch or charm bracelet. Was Aunty making him want to be a girl?.

Deborah soon came to bed and after she teased him a little, Robert fell asleep in perfumed bliss.

Once again, the new age music played in the room, and then shifted over to the soft, soothing, entrancing voice: "Remember all the feelings you experienced today, remember how they made you excited. Now think about how your breasts looked, small and rounded and pink-nippled. Those are not just rubber glued to your chest; they are *your* breasts: When they are touched, especially when the nipples are played with, you will feel a stirring in your cock, a stirring as strong as that you feel when you play with your cock itself.

"Tomorrow, you will go to a beauty parlor for the first time," the feminizing voice continued. "The looks and smells of the beauty parlor will fascinate you and excite you, just as the look and feel of your breasts, your sandals, nails, and bracelets do. The feel of having your hair colored, cut, permed and combed will entrance you: You will want it done at least once a week."

With that the voice faded back into the music.

When Robert awoke in the morning, the first thing he saw were his enameled nails and the bracelets on his wrists. He reached down and touched his sandaled feet, then his hand moved to the little mounds on his chest, and he wondered what it would be like to have full breasts like Deborah's. Strangely, as he touched the nipples of his false breasts and tweaked them with his red-painted nails, he ceased to think of the little mounds as not his own. The sensation stirred his cock and he realized that he needed desperately to come.
Robert was alone in the bedroom. His sister was already up and had evidently gone downstairs. As he lay in bed different thoughts went through his mind. The feeling of being a girl was really exciting. His hands moved to his panties and Robert lapsed into a world of effeminate ecstasy.

The experience at the beauty salon was thrilling but embarrassing. Everyone was told that Robert was a girlish-boy who really loved wearing dresses and sandals. Wanda, the hair stylist, removed his wig and began her feminizing activities.

She began by shampooing his hair, gently massaging his scalp as she did so. Robert felt himself slowly getting relaxed and even a little sleepy as the hairstylist worked on his head. She spoke quietly to him, in an almost whispered drone: "You love this, Roberta. You love having your hair done, seeing the amazing differences a hairstyle can make in your appearance. Soon you'll want it done as often as possible, at least once a week. I'm going to change your haircolor, too," she said. "What color would you like it to be? Black?" No reaction. "Blonde?" Again, no reaction. "Red?" Robert squirmed in his chair and Wanda noticed a stirring at his crotch. "Red it will be, then, Roberta. You'll be a beautiful redhead, I know...especially after our Charlotte finishes with your makeup. You just love makeup, too, don't you, Roberta?"

Robert, mildly entranced by Wanda's words and actions, could only smile dreamily. Wanda proceeded to apply the dye to his hair, then to cut and perm it. While the perm set, a tall, well-built young woman with waist-length chestnut hair came to Robert's chair. "I'm Charlotte, Wanda's daughter," she introduced herself. "I'll be doing your makeover." She set to work with her paints and brushes and pencils, refusing to let the transformed boy see himself until the entire process was complete.

In a short time, Robert found himself sitting under a dryer, as more soothing "new age" music filled his ears. Behind the soft tones, a voice spoke to him, "When you see yourself next, you will fall in love with the girl you have become. Your cock will become harder than you can ever remember it being. Your nipples will be hard, erect, and tingly. When you hear your name, 'Roberta,' you will come."

Wanda soon removed the dryer and walked Robert back to the styling chair, carefully keeping him from seeing his reflection in the mirror. She began to brush out his hair.

As she did this she complimented him. "You should have been born a girl. It's good that your mother and aunt are correcting the mistake. I had a son with a similar problem, but I sent him to Evelyn Manor, a private school for girls. They make exceptions at times and boys are permitted to attend. My son attended Evelyn Manor for four years, and has undergone a complete transformation. Whenever boys attend Evelyn Manor, Miss Evelyn specializes in transforming them into girls."

With that, she quickly whipped the styling chair around so that Robert faced the mirror. He gasped. In the mirror was an absolute angel, with softly waved coppery hair falling to just below her ears. Her bright blue eyes were framed with long, dark lashes and soft shades of blue and purple on the lids. Her cheeks were highlighted with what seemed a natural blush, her lips a soft coral red, waiting to be kissed. It was him--it was Roberta! "There she is," Wanda announced. "There's Roberta!" His nipples ached with their excitement, his cock swelled in its girdled and pantied confines and, not caring who knew or saw, Roberta came!

Wanda turned to his aunt and mother and smiled secretively.

As they drove home, Aunty brought up the subject of Robert attending a private school.

She explained that, a few years back, she had recommended to Wanda that she send her boy Charles to Evelyn Manor. "Charles was always in trouble and lacked respect for his mother and just about everything," she said. "The boys at Evelyn Manor are, of course, required to wear the same uniforms as the girls. The boys are forced to live as girls for the four years they attend. During those years, all masculinity is removed. Through the use of female hormones, being constantly dressed as a girl, treated as a girl, and receiving a girlish education, the girlish-boys return emasculated. Some undergo a complete sex change, others are slaves to femininity. After four years in the dominant hands of Miss Evelyn, Charles returned home a girl--Charlotte Elaine--yes, the same Charlotte who did your makeup, Roberta. Her measurements are 38-24-35."

Mother broke in. "Do you think Miss Evelyn would accept Roberta as a student?"

Hearing all this, even though the thrill of wearing girl’s clothes had enveloped his mind, Robert still did not care for the idea of living as a girl. "I will not go to any private school, especially a private girl’s school!"

A cruel look came over Aunty's face, as she said, "So you won't wear girl's clothes, huh, and you won't attend a girls school." She turned to Mother and continued, "I believe Roberta needs to be continually reminded that she is a girl. I suggest that Roberta be dressed in girl's clothes every weekend and when summer comes that she come to my estate. She and Deborah will have lots of fun. I can erase this male rebellion and arrogance for good and when the fall semester begins at Evelyn Manor, both Deborah and Roberta can attend. I am sure by now Roberta really wants to wear dresses and barefoot sandals all the time, don't you my pretty transvestite?"

Robert begged his mother not to do what Aunty had said.

Mother said that she was thrilled with the idea, and Deborah chimed in with approval. "Isn't it exciting, Roberta, when summer comes you will be able to wear feminine clothes all the time!"

There was nothing more Robert could say, they just ignored his protests.

Once home they all ate dinner. Robert was again dressed in ultra-feminine night clothes, but these were hot pink nylon satin with a pair of hot pink patent-leather ankle strap sandals. Mother tucked him into bed. Again he took the pills and again a tape was played as he fell asleep.

The hypnotic voice began by reinforcing the lessons of the past several days and then spoke of tomorrow's events. "When your ears are pierced and the tiny gold balls are attached to your ears, they will serve as the final marks of your new self. When you see yourself so adorned, you will cease to struggle against your change into a beautiful girl. Indeed, you will now revel in each successive change, you will even get an erotic thrill when teased about your sissified state. You will strive to be more girlish than the most feminine of natural girls."

The next morning Robert was dressed in a shirtwaist-dress and high-heeled sling sandals. Aunty proceeded to pierce his earlobes. He fought with all three of them over this, but it was no use--they were too strong. But once he felt the needle prick his earlobes, and once he saw the shiny gold balls that filled those holes, all resistance fled from Robert's mind. He was now willing to be as girlish as they wanted him to be...and maybe more girlish than they could possibly imagine!

When Aunty was through she said, "Now, with your plucked eyebrows, pierced ear lobes, and such pretty long fingernails, everyone will know you are a pretty fem!"

Finally school was out and Robert and Deborah left for Aunty's.

As Deborah and Robert walked through Aunty's front door, he knew he had left his masculine life behind. He knew his world was now made up of wigs, sandals, dresses, and perfume. It was strange... he wanted to attend Evelyn Manor.

Yes, Aunty Christine had changed Robert into a sissy!



Demijohn said...

Silly girl,Roberta.
Don't resist,I'd love to take your place

Anonymous said...

Great conclusion. Let's see how much of a girl /woman "Roberta " truly becomes at Evelyn Manor.With all the boy-girls on hormones for 4 years, I'd imagine the falsies come off fairly quickly. As having one's own so to speak is preferable.Is he in for a full-change or not? Like to see this tale expand with other naughty boys. Perhaps friends of his, whose mother's have reached the end of their patience and need some help from Auntie,Mom, and Deborah ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could be feminized. I'm one who loves to wear womens clothing. I enjoy wearing dresses everyday and highjheels.when I have a pretty dress on I feel so femine.