Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Octoberfest 16

Oddly enough, today's pants outfit could also qualify as a black-and-white ensemble, but I decided to do only one b&w photo session each day. Here's an elegant white pleated blouse paired with a subtly pin-striped pair of slacks.

Like yesterday's, today slacks are from Larry Levine Woman, purchased at Burlington Coat Factory in March 2008; the blouse is by Apparenza, found at a thrift shop in January 2011; the shoes are Dollhouse "Margaretta" black pumps with metal heels from Shoe Dept. in January 2010.

Other accessories are blue bow, blue and gold jewelry (new!), and patterned tights.

Isn't this a lovely portrait?

More pics on Flickr; two more outfits tomorrow; and don't forget to vote in the poll (details here)!

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