Friday, May 3, 2013

Sissy de Mayo ~ A Day En Femme 2

Here's the second outfit for today, in which I attempted something new. I have several skirts that I think would look great with petticoats underneath, but ~ except for the somewhat fetishistic ones I use with my maid's uniform ~ I don't have any petticoats. (Attempts to find them, other than online, have been futile.) So I decided to try those pettis with this skirt...and I think they worked.

The ruffled print blouse is by S.L.B., found in a thrift shop in April 2012; the gray knit skirt is by JK America, found in the same thrift shop visit in April 2012; the shoes are Dexter "Lynx" mary-janes from Payless in February 2010. Other accessories are a red bow, chunky and silver jewelry, the aforementioned pettis, and natural hose.

Is this portrait OK?

More pics on Flickr; I probably won't get the final two outfits posted until tomorrow at the earliest.

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