Saturday, July 23, 2016

July Dressing 1--My Own Hair

I haven't done a wigless photo shoot in ages, but the temps here have been so horrendous I thought I'd give it a try, for comfort's sake. (Same reason I'm bare-legged.)

The yellow striped t-shirt is from Kmart's Jaclyn Smith line in April 2015; the black faux leather skirt is from Target's Xhilaration line in October 2013; the shoes are Predictions Comfort Plus "Janine" yellow patent pumps, from Payless in May 2015. Other accessories are a yellow bow, and black=and-white jewelry.

These were shot with no ambient light in the room except what was coming through the windows at about 5:30 in the the result is a bit different in both contrast and color from normal, even after adjustment.

The portraits are just "OK," I think:

There's one more outfit to post from this session; you have until July 31 to respond to the survey at the right (details here)!

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