Friday, March 31, 2017

Forced Fem: Common Fantasies

Teresa Bowers looks at two oft-told fantasies of forced feminization:

As our crossdresser continues his journey he may develop a fantasy where he is caught doing the very thing he is trying so hard to keep a secret. This is known as forced feminization. Most forced feminization fantasies are based on being discovered, blackmailed, and feminized as punishment.

Now I know what you’re thinking; if he likes dressing up so much why would it be punishment? This is where it gets interesting. Without getting too deeply into the psychological reasons behind forced feminization fantasies, let’s just say that he gets a little more than he would have liked. In fact, he gets a lot more than he would have liked. He is dressed in the most feminine lingerie imaginable, teased and taunted, his hair is done in a very feminine style, his nails are painted, makeup is applied with surgeon like precision, and he is put into a very short, very tight dress. This can be done by his sister and her friends, a neighbor that walks in unexpectedly, or a group of girls that want revenge.

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