Sunday, May 28, 2017

May Dressing: Stripes

This is the only dressing session this month; I'd intended to do two outfits, but the other one didn't work out. I was going to see if I could make a too-tight blouse fit better with a smaller set of boob inserts...but even with an empty bra, it was still gaping between the buttons. (FTR, it's the leopard-print blouse.) So, I decided the outfit wasn't worth photographing or posting...and the blouse has gone to Goodwill.

The striped sheath is by Haani, bought at Ross in April 2016; the shoes are Christian Siriano "Shanghai" neutral peep-toe pumps from Payless in April 2011. Other accessories are black-and-white jewelry and natural hose.

I think this is one of the best portraits I've done all year:

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