Friday, July 14, 2017

Understanding Erotic Mind-Control

Here's an interesting piece from Salon:

Mind control may not be your standard sex-fantasy scenario, but elements of it are as old as Ovid: the idea of losing control, of being seduced against your better judgment. But for fans of erotic mind control — most of whom share their passions and pornography on the Internet — nothing could be more titillating than the idea that somebody might control their thoughts and even give them orgasms without ever touching anything but their (un)conscious minds.

While most fetishists focus on the body — feet, lingerie, breasts — mind-control fetishists are interested in what goes on inside people’s heads. And, of course, they’re turned on by controlling or being controlled mentally. Mind-control erotica therefore shares territory with B&D or S/M. But it’s also connected to more obscure, mind-oriented fetishes, like hypno-fetishism and fetishes that revolve around subduing people with laughing gas, chloroform and other drugs. The idea is that taking over somebody’s mind is hot, whether you do it with hypnosis, drugs or special machines that reprogram the cerebral cortex.

What is it about this kind of scenario that gets people off? Simon speculates that mind-control erotica is “like B&D [or] S/M without physical violence.” In other words, you can have your bondage but don’t have to buy any fancy equipment. RC believes that hypnosis is sexy because it’s a kind of alibi: People imagine that being hypnotized will allow them to do taboo things because they’re “not responsible for their actions.” This might explain the preponderance of mind-control stories and images that involve breaking taboos: cross-dressing, stripping for an audience, kinky scenes involving leather or other B&D or S/M accouterments and bisexuality.

I may go back to this article in the coming weeks.

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