Friday, April 6, 2018

Advice for Your Partner: Why Does He Do It?

The first of several postings I'll be doing from this site:

Perhaps his mother wanted a girl, and kept telling him so. Maybe he was always brought up with girls, and was conditioned to behave like them. Perhaps satin and velvet are just more snuggly than denim and wool! Perhaps the grass always looks greener for the opposite gender, like in the advert below, where men have to pay more.Anti-male Discrimination!

Notice ads rarely feature a man, but usually a rich, beautiful, fashionable and female model. Why? To give a subtle message that buying will make us feel more like we can live her fantasy lifestyle. Why assume men aren't influenced by all the ads aimed at women? They cartainly are. They may not rush out and buy that particular lipstick, but unconsciously some absorb the message - they want to be like that lovely young model too. Ads do work, but the result may be unexpected.

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