Monday, July 13, 2009

First Dressing in July

I squeezed in two outfits today, both based around new skirts from Kmart that I mentioned last week. I also got some new jewelry--a great gold choker and some nifty bracelets.

In addition, I found a cute pair of shoes on clearance at Payless.

The skirt here is from the Jaclyn Smith line. It's a size 16, so it's a touch tight in the waist; if I can, I may have it let out a little.

And here's a close-up of those new shoes:

They are fabric with a nice bow on the vamp and three-inch wood heels.

The blue print skirt is from the Attention line at Kmart; a size 18, so it's a better fit. The straight line of the skirt reduces my walk to a lovely mincing step, especially when I wear these five-inch blue pumps!

More pics at Flickr...and tomorrow, some interesting ideas based on older outfits!

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