Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Little Black Dress,,,,

...sort of. This is actually made up of two items I already had and one new accessory. It's my dressy black top with the crystals on the collar and my short straight black skirt. I combined it with a new wide belt elastic belt from Target to pull it together into a LBD look. (And don't you love what that belt does for my waist? Got to find more things to wear it with!)

I'm wearing it all with black hose, black patent pumps and jewelry to create a very "cocktail hour" effect.

Couple of technical points: I didn't wear glasses with this set, so I did a lot more work on the digital makeup around the eyes; that meant I also decided to "soft-focus" the final result to make it all blend better.

More pics on Flickr and another outfit later today!

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