Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Is Busting Out All Over 13

A very simple combo to start with today--a blue "work shirt" blouse and the nifty denim skirt...both among my earliest purchases when I returned to dressing. The result is, I think, both casually feminine and attractive.

Accessories are a blue hair bow, silver jewelry, scarf, white belt, dark hose, and the crocodile print heels.

When I first bought a blonde wig, I thought of it only as a lark...thinking my coloring really only lent itself to dark hair or red hair. But I'm surprised by how good I can look in blonde mode. (Admittedly, I digitally give myself blue eyes in these pics, but think of that as similar to a real girl wearing colored lenses.) In addition, I think I'm getting much better at posing for real portraits, like this one:

Additional pics on Flickr; another outfit to be posted later today

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