Monday, August 9, 2010

The Training of Gwen: First Session

Gwen's foremost desire would be to be transported to my fictional town of Stepton, there to be trained and transformed into some domme's vision of male femininity. So, we are handling this as though she were enrolled in the on-line version of the Stepton Academy, with "Madame Dani" as her instructress.

I cannot implant Stepton's marvelous control device, so I am relying on intense training, beginning with her presentation as a female. As I noted in the first post in this series, Gwen's photographs were though she were not really comfortable in her feminine attire. I ordered her to observe the poses struck by models and celebrities in fashion catalogs and on the red carpet, giving her some websites to use for examples.

The pictures here represent her first attempts after following those instructions. These are just the best of the session.

While this one has a certain sex appeal, I told her it could be improved if her back were more toward the camera, giving us a better view of her pantied ass.

This is an excellent pose, that could be made even better if the hands were placed further back, toward the ass, with the fingers pointing down and back, rather than forward.

A very nice pose...that could be improved if the right leg were cocked a little more.

The best pose of this bunch--the gesture to the hair with the left hand is entirely femme!

Still a bit stiff...but more natural than most of her previous attempts.

Very nice...and again, improved if the hands were re-positioned in a more feminine form of the hands-on-hips pose.

A nice try...hands still need work...and I think it would be more natural and femme if the head were cocked to the side a bit.

Lovely, indeed...but if the hips were cocked a bit, there'd be a somewhat sexier mood to it.

This almost works...but the gesture with the right hand is awkward and, on a technical note, if the camera were further away, we'd get a nicer look at the forward shoe.

As you can see, progress is being made. We will also be working on make-up and walking. Unfortunately I can't post examples of those, as Gwen has asked that her face not be visible.

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