Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Training of Gwen: Second Session

Gwen had an opportunity to dress and pose late last week. Here are some pics and my thoughts on them.

Very looks almost as good as I thought it would. In the future, when wearing the bullet bra, I'd like Gwen to pull the blouse down as tightly as possible, to make the points of her tits show more dramatically.

Lovely pose--she got the legs and feet exactly right. Perhaps a slight cocking of the head to one side would make it more girlish.

I like the turn of the head from the suggests modesty and a sense of shame at being "caught."

Nice--casual and feminine, almost nonchalant.

A little dull perhaps--I'd like to see more of these lingerie shots...especially with this bra...where the pose emphasizes the boobs. More shoulders back and tits forward, if you will....

Hand placement, hand placement! This is far too masculine! I've previously told Gwen that--with hands on hips--they should be located more toward the ass and with the fingers pointed to the rear. Gwen explained that she had copied the pose from a Victoria's Secret model; I replied that a totally feminine creature such as a VS model could get away with it, but that a feminized male had to almost caricature femininity to hide his masculine identity.

This is good, but over all the pictures need more "animation". Gwen should observe the ones I've done with a "kick" in one leg. This would have been a good outfit to try that.

I like this a lot...definitely one of Gwen's best.

Not bad...with the head cocked away from the right hand as you play with your hair it would be more girlish.

Gwen hopes to be able to do a three-day training session next weekend. We have already discussed what she should wear. In the meantime, I'll do a posting that explains our planning process.

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