Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crossdressing Romance Comics 3


Sharom Memmbers said...

Hi there, i just wanted to say that the last two in thsi post are actually mine, i wroite them in a site that used to give you a black cover froma comic magazine so you could write the words, if you notice the file names are sharomentry7 and sharomentry 10 and thats my name, i dont mind you using them but at least give the person who made them credit, also in a later post you claim to have made them, thats not right.

Sharom Memmbers

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I thought I was pretty clear in the initial re-posting of these images that the dialogue and other text in many of them was written by former readers of my original website. I was the owner of the site you mention.

I'm happy to acknowledge you as the creator of the dialogue and other text on those covers.


Sharom Memmbers said...

Im sorry i didnt even knew this was your site, im a huge fan of yours, and i mean huge! Im sorry i thought somebody had stole the images and post them here, i apollogize for the missunderstanding. You are in complete right of using the images and im honored of you using my words.
Its just thats its not the first time somebody used pics or writtings of mine without permission and got mad.
My sicere apollogies

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Not a problem, Sharom! Welcome back! Go back through earlier posts and you'll find most of the stories posted on the old site.

Hope you enjoy the new material, too...including the new romance covers I'm working up now.