Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Crossdressing Romance Comics 1

Well, I promised this...but even I didn't think I'd have ten of these ready for posting at once.

A bit of background on procedure and technique:

1. I searched the Grand Comics Database for romance titles (using the words "love", "romance", and "heart" as search terms). I then went through the cover gallery for each title, looking for usable images. Most of these will come from titles published by DC Comics, which always seemed to have the best covers...but some are from other publishers.

2. I carefully edited out the logos and other text from the covers, doing my best to recreate the art hidden behind logos and word balloons. Some are easier--and thus more sueccessful--than others.

3. I discovered a way to create a bunch of logos I can use and reuse, thus coming up with a "line" of crossdressing romance titles.

4. Then I start by writing new dialogue for the scenes depicted, coming up with titles for the new stories, and then choosing a suitable logo for the publication it would be part of.

Anyway--all of these ten are based on covers from DC's long-running Falling in Love title...some as old as the early '50s, others from the 1960s and '70s. (I think the clothes and hairstyles will tell you approximate dates for most.)


Anonymous said...

Very nice, and well done! :D

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done..where did you find the covers to convert.. all well thought out and good thoughts for intense stories .. maybe you need to write a short story to go with each cover.. that woould be delicious

Diane Leonard
Diane Leonards tg captions

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

As noted, the covers were found at Grand Comics Database, a project aimed at creating an on-line catalog of every comic book ever published.

I'm afraid my short story juices are rather depleted, that's why I started working on artwork instead.

Anonymous said...

As a youngster, when I would see these romance comics, I would so badly want to buy them and would get erections and be very worried that something was wrong with me!

I wanted to dress up and wear sexy clothes every single day!

skirtkis said...

I love your work on this PS Dani! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Christine Stevens said...

I love your work. I have two galleries of recaptioned comics. One is of comics others have recaptiond. The other is one I have done myself. I'm up to 39 or forty now of my two series, "T-girls Lust Stories" and "T-girl Whores in action". I hope you don't mind me leaving the link. Take it off if you do. As always, comments are appreciated.