Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Enchanted April 1

Today was supposed to be a day of all-new clothing...but the new shirt dress I purchased at Target last week wound up being too tight across the bust. I've dealt in the past with minor "gaps" between buttons in such circumstances, but this was huge. I know, I know...the solution could have been just to reduce the size of my boobs--but I'm happy with the figure I've given myself and decided, as any real woman would, to take the dress back. (I got a different one while I was there that you'll see tomorrow.)

So that left the new skirt I got at Goodwill and a new pair of shoes to show off (unfortunately, they don't really go together). Let's start with the skirt--a lovely tartan kilt with a below-the-knee hem--yes, I do sometimes wear longer skirts!--and nice pleats. I wore it with that elegant white blouse with the pleated front.

The other accessories are a white hair bow, gold jewelry, white hose and black mary-janes.

And a portrait...see, sometimes I smile, too!

More pics on Flickr; another outfit, showing off those new shoes, later today.

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M said...

Lovely white blouse