Sunday, October 2, 2011

Octoberfest: Black & White and Read All Over

No, not a newspaper nor a sunburned's Dani in her first dressing sessions for the new month. I realized I had pulled a bunch of monotone items and decided I'd get them all in today, since I gave extra time. (The wife left for an overnight business trip.) This is also the first chance to use my new photo area...the now nearly vacant second bedroom.

First up is the zebra-print shirt dress from Target.

Accessories are the black cloche, silver jewelry, fishnet hose, and black pumps with metal heels.

Some makeup notes before the portrait: I tried out a new eyeshadow palette today--it's still from L'Oreal's One-Sweep collection, but it has somewhat brighter colors (actually intended for blue eyes), which I think photograph better. Three coats of mascara, but I think I still need more. I thought about getting false lashes today, but hesitated. Anybody here have success stories with those (or disasters to avoid)? Eyeliner is, again, digital.

I think for the next session, I'm going to redirect the lighting a little...get a touch more light on the floor. I'm doing videos on all these outfits, too, but I may not post all of them, just the best one.

More pics on Flickr; next session posted in a few hours.

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