Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pre-Christmas: Party Hearty

This will be the last dressing session posted until after New Year's. The rest of this week is too hectic and one of the kids will be home for the season next week. As of this posting, all of "Dani" is living in the storage locker until 2012.

That said, today's outfits are both intended for celebrations, beginning with the bright red party dress from Wal-Mart.

Accessories are red headband, gold jewelry, black hose and red patent pumps.

The second outfit is the very first I ever bought as potential partywear--a two-piece set from Burlington Coat Factory consisting of a gold paisley top and a black skirt with a flirty handkerchief hem. I loved the look of this when I first bought it and, now, with the corset underneath, it's just gorgeous!

I love the "gesture" of the head in the shot on the right. Accessories are black headband (I really need to find a gold one to go with this), pearls, black hose, and gold peep-toe pumps.

And a portrait from each set:

More pics on Flickr. I'll try to fill in with art and other things (including my annual Christmas message) between now and Dani's "return".

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