Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pre-Christmas: Two at Once

Unlike my usual practice, I'm posting both of today's outfits in one swell foop.

Tanning Session

Here's the tan twofer top combined with the tan straight skirt, both found earlier this year in separate thrift shop explorations. The top is originally from Macy's White Stag line and the skirt is Alfred Dunner, showing you can find really nice stuff in a thrift shop.

Accessories are white print bow, gold jewelry, light hose and neutral peep-toe pumps.

I'll post the portraits at the end.

Scarlet and Gray

Oddly enough, those were the colors of my high school. Even more oddly, both my sons went to colleges (different ones) with the same colors. Here's a gray blouse from the Rider line teamed with a long red skirt from the Kmart Jaclyn Smith line.

Accessories: red bow, red jewelry, dark hose and gray fabric pumps.

And now, a couple of portraits:

Many more pics on Flickr. I don't think I'll be dressing anymore this week--but I'll have a poll ready on Friday and some art in between.

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