Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dani's Excellent Adventure

For the first time in ages, I went out in partial femme attire today.

I wore pink panties and camisole, knee socks, gray Rider blouse, black women's slacks, and black pumps with a bow on the vamp, as pictured here. To avoid the disaster referenced here, I put all my male accoutrements--especially keys!--in the pockets of the coat I wore. You can't see it here, but for the first time on one of these excursions, I also wore some makeup--a light pink lipstick and mascara.

Unfortunately, the results of the adventure were not so excellent. I went to a shopping center with a Marshall's, a Wal-Mart, a Burlington Coat Factory, a DSW, and a local chain called K&G. I picked this because it's in easy driving distance, but far enough away that I was unlikely to see anyone I knew. I didn't find a thing that screamed "buy me!" The items I really liked were too expensive and the ones I could afford, while attractive, were simply not so irresistible I had to have them. In addition, I had only one brief encounter with someone else, a female clerk at Burlington who asked if I was finding everything OK. I don't think anyone noticed my makeup or attire, though there may have been one guy outside a store who glanced at my footwear.

Oh--and I'm never going to that Wal-Mart again. Its women's department is surprisingly small, much tinier than the two stores closer to home.

Oh well...I'm going to hit one of the thrift shops again this afternoon, looking for a replacement for that too-small skirt from Tuesday.

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CallMeMeg said...

There are lots of worse outcomes than not finding anything to buy! All that means is you have to go OUT again.

Next time, wear a skirt.

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Until I can shave my mustache and thus wear full makeup on an adventure, wearing a skirt is out of the question.

But you're, I have an excuse to do this again sometime soon. Next time, though, I'm wearing my patent kitten heels; much easier to walk long distances in.