Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy New Year 9

Still more new clothes--but just the top this time. This navy twofer with pinstripes is apparently from JC Penney's Worthington line, although I found it in the thrift shop. The skirt is from Kmart.

FTR, I had also found a lovely white blouse and a tartan skirt in my latest thrift store run and had intended to wear both of them today as well. The blouse looks great, but the skirt is way too tight--despite being an 18W, which is usually a good fit (as an example, the skirt in these shots is a 16). Either the manufacturer sizes badly or it shrunk at some point in the previous owner's use.

Accessories are white bow, red jewelry, light tone hose and black two-tone pumps.

Another portrait:

There's also a video I shot of this session; I'll post it later or tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have plans for a real "adventure". Details when it happens.

Additional pics on Flickr. And please vote in the poll (details here!).

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