Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leap Month 21

...and my weekend en femme begins. I came home from work this evening, put dinner in the oven and then went to change into the outfit you see here, minus the wig and makeup (didn't want to mess it all up with eating). The ensemble ~ turtleneck sweater and jeans ~ was chosen to be comfortable enough to spend the entire evening in. I even forewent the corset (using only my old waist cinch) for added comfort. (I promise to use the corset for any other outfits during this stretch.)

Accessories are black-and-white jewelry, white belt, and red patent t-strap well as the black cloche hat ~ looking the best it ever has. I suspect it looks best with short hair.

A note on makeup: I decided to try real mascara worked a little better than in the past (I applied quite a bit), but still did a little enhancement digitally ~ not drawing in new lashes, but darkening and sharpening what was there. Tomorrow, I'll add another couple of coats of mascara to see if that helps...but I suspect the problem is I just don't have enough "volume" as they say.

Now, as for the rest of the weekend: Once this is posted, I'm changing into my nightie and heading to bed; in the morning, I'll hang in that for a bit, then try to go through three outfits for the day, with breaks in between (probably just getting into the jeans again). That'll be the schedule for Monday as well. Tuesday (when the wife will be returning in late afternoon) I will play by ear.

More pics on Flickr; and you have just about 24 hours left to vote in the poll (details here)!

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