Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leap Month 22

Well, how better to start Sunday than in a dress that was clearly designed for going to church? I found this lovely frock in a thrift store on Friday for just five dollars! It has a bit of an '80s feel to it (can't you just see Joan Collins or Linda Evans in it on Dynasty?), but it's a great fit for me both in size and style.

Accessories are the white hat (have to have a hat for church, right?), gold jewelry, nude hose, and white sandals. I haven't worn those in quite a while and I'd forgotten what a bitch they are to walk in! Great for posing, make my legs look terrific, but must be changed when done!

Now, to my eyes: I used four coats of mascara this morning and I think it made a bit of a difference, enough that I didn't do any editing to my eyes in these pics...not even changing the color of my irises. I still think the lashes could be more prominent, later today I'm going to pick up one of the "volumizing" mascaras.

More pics on Flickr; another set of new clothes this afternoon; and you have just about 11 hours left to vote in the poll (details here)!

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