Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In My Closet 3

Continuing this project, this morning's outfit combines a white blouse with a wool skirt in a black-watch tartan pattern. It's tough to see in the photos, but the blouse has a subtle white-on-white paisley pattern as well.

Blouse ~
Manufacturer/store: Gloria Vanderbilt Casuals (thrift shop)
Date: February 2012

Skirt ~
Manufacturer/store: Cape Cod Sportswear (thrift shop)
Date: February 2012

Accessories are white bow, gold jewelry, natural hose and the shoes described below.

Dollhouse "Margaretta" black pumps with metal heels (The Shoe Dept.)
Date: January 2010

Here's a portrait:

More pics on Flickr; the project continues later today; and don't forget to vote in the poll (details here)!

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