Thursday, May 17, 2012

An Update Long in Coming

'Way back when I started this blog, I posted about an early influence of hypnosis in media--Dale Arden's entrancement in the original Flash Gordon serial. A little later, I reported that I had found a DVD of the serial, but the best I could manage at the time was some screen captures of the relevant scenes. (And since then, the place I had posted those screen caps has diappeared.)

Well, progress has been made. I found the same material--specifically, Chapter Two--on Youtube, and I converted it to a file I could edit in Windows Movie Maker. So, now, at last, here are the relevant scenes cut and spliced together:

What I find highly erotic in this is the way Jean Rogers (playing Dale) maintains that wide-eyed, blank stare throughout.


mysster said...

Yes. This 'latent image' lies back in my memory. Hypnotized compliance.

Linda Marie Daniels said...

Thanks for posting this scene, Dani.