Friday, June 8, 2012

Dani the Corsettierre

On Monday, as I was dressing, the laces on my corset broke. I made a temporary repair ~ good enough for the rest of that day and Tuesday ~ by tieing the two ends together, but I knew it would not last.

So I went looking for a more permanent solution. I searched for replacement laces on line, but the only way I could get them was mail-order, not a possibility for me right now. So I decided to see if there was another way. I began to look over the craft and sewing store sites for substitutes, knowing that I would need about five yards of whatever I got to make it work. Lots of places had leather laces in suitable lengths, but I was concerned about how well the leather would hold a knot and withstand the constant tension of a tightened corset.

Then I got to thinking about ribbon. I had seen corsets laced with ribbon before (such as for bridal gowns) and figured it would work. So I found ten yards of black grosgrain ribbon at Michael's. Now, how do a relace the corset?

Sure, I could just try to follow the pattern it's laced in now, but I'd have to unlace the whole thing and would I really remember how it was done? Then I found FAQ - Corsets - How do I lace my corset? I followed those instructions and it worked like a charm!

If anything, my now ribbon-laced corset is more comfortable than ever before!

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