Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Showers of Femininity 16

We close out April with all new clothes. Having gotten a $10 off coupon from Kohl's, I went to check out their clearance racks and came up with a top, a skirt and two pair of pants...one faux-leather (size 16) and one satin (size 18). I was quite prepared to have to return the leather ones, but I was certain the satin ones would be a good fit.

Wrong!! I couldn't get the satin pair closed around my waist, but the leather ones were a perfect fit ~ as you can see in these pictures. (The satin ones are from the Dana Buchman line...obviously they size small.) I went to a thrift store to find a top to go with them and came out with this lovely linen cheongsam style blouse with a mandarin collar.


Manufacturer/line/store: Gio Collection (thrift store)
Date: April 2013


Manufacturer/line/store: Jennifer Lopez (Kohl's)
Date: April 2013

Accessories are white bow, red jewelry, black belt, and bone pumps.

The portrait for this set:

More pics on Flickr; a very different look later; and the contest continues, details here.

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