Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 8 ~ Perfect Portraits

First of all, the story behind this unusual photo session.

Remember two weeks ago, when I wrote "Events overcame the idea of dressing today..."? Well, those events required some repairmen to visit today, so my normal Tuesday dressing was impossible. However, late in the afternoon, I was able to do something a little different. I did just my makeup and threw on a blouse. Then, because I wanted to see how my new blonde makeup look worked, I did a series of portrait shots.

Here they are:

For the record, I'm using a new less intense eyeshadow color and a deeper, brighter pink lipstick. What do you all think?

All these will also be on Flickr; I hope to do a real dressing session on Friday; and don't forget to rate the women you'd love to be (details here)!

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Linda Marie Daniels said...

I like this look a lot. Very nice!