Friday, April 4, 2014

Fatal Kiss

"It's the greatest advance in cosmetics in a century, maybe even in history!" Miranda, the lab chief for Prime Women Cosmetics exclaimed. "Nothing else could so revolutionize the whole idea of make-up!"

"And you're positive it works?" asked Gail Saunders, the president of the firm. "We can't go public with our claims--even in the soft-sell mode we've planned--if the product doesn't do what we say it will."

Miranda thought a moment. "To prove it, we'd need to test it thoroughly on a human subject in the cosmetic form; so far we've only subjected primates to the base chemical."

"And the results?"

"Total submission and control. They practically become female in their responses to any sexual stimulus," Miranda reported. "Who could we get to submit themselves to that kind of possible psychological change?"

Gail smiled. "I think I know exactly the right group of test subjects."

Dressed in their most feminine and dominant clothes, Gail and Miranda strode into the monthly meeting of the Howardville TG Club. The room was filled with men in a variety of feminine guises...some quite attractive and convincing, others little more than a burlesque of femininity, but most somewhere in between.

"How'd you know about this place?" Miranda asked.

"There's how," Gail answered, pointing to a half-feminized male sitting alone at a table. He wore a white satin blouse and tight-fitting feminine pants, but otherwise appeared masculine.

"That's Timothy, your assistant!" Miranda realized.

"Yes, Timothy admitted to me several months ago that he had taken the job at Prime Women in order to be closer to the feminine things he loves. Unfortunately, he's never been able to go all the way and really be a sissy," Gail explained. "It would appear he's not alone."

A tall, husky blonde noticed them at the door, nodded, and walked up to the microphone. "Girls," she said, "our guests have arrived. Let me introduce Gail and Miranda, who have a request to make--one I think many of you will be eager to take them up on."

Sure enough, after the cosmetics executives explained their plan, there was a rush to the tables where interviews were to be held. Timothy hung back until Gail beckoned him. "Aren't you interested in trying our products?" she asked him.

He blushed. "Ma'am, nothing could make me as girlish as I wish I could be!"

"Why don't you let us try?" Miranda responded. And so, Timothy joined the experimental group, as the personal task of Gail and Miranda.


Two weeks later, a much-changed Timothy sat motionless before a mirror in the test labs of Prime Women. His hair was covered with a blonde wig; his face expertly--if a bit heavily--made up with the new line of cosmetics. "He's completely entranced," Miranda told Gail. "Just like all the others, the chemicals in the cosmetics shut down all his conscious thought. When confronted by a woman wearing them, he became totally submissive--when we actually used them on him, it was like instant hypnosis!"

"And now?"

"Now, we go to the next step, establishing his full feminine persona and the woman he will respond to." She looked at her boss. "I figured that should be you." And Miranda handed Gail a lipstick in deep red.

Standing in full view of her transformed assistant, Gail slowly and sensuously applied the carmine color to her luscious lips. "Tiffany--that's your name now, Tiffany," she told the entranced boy. "You are completely in love with me, aren't you?"

"Yes, Miss Gail," he murmured through his own pink-tinted lips.

Gail leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, leaving a perfect imprint of her lips. "I've marked you with my special lipstick, my little slut. You are mine to control!" she announced.

The imprint seemed to glow as a new shine came to Tiffany's eyes. She looked at her boss/mistress with undisguised lust and sighed. "Forever," she agreed.

Be in Control! was the headline on the ad for the new line. Control by Prime Women was the fastest growing line of cosmetics the industry had ever seen.

And why not? Every sale insured double the number of items sold within a week!

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