Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Katrina's Seduction

on commission from Katrina Henderson

Norman was sure he had seen the woman in the bar before, but never alone. She was dressed conservatively—calf-length skirt, fitted jacket, print blouse, moderate heels—but none of that could hide her attractive figure, nor the air of one who would brook no nonsense from a man.

She glanced impatiently at her watch and then at the door. Had she been stood up? Norman could hardly imagine any man who would dare to disappoint her.

On impulse, Norman walked over to her table. "I hate to see anyone drinking alone…and it seems that your companion won’t be coming."

She looked up at him, glaring, and then her visage softened. "Yes, it does seem that my date has gotten cold feet," she said, smiling. She motioned for him to sit and then gestured for the waiter.

"Another—"Norman said, "scotch"—"for the gentleman, and I’ll have another vodka tonic. Put it on my tab."

"I shouldn’t let you do that," Norman said.

"Nonsense, you’ve rescued me from a lonely evening," she replied. Extending her hand, she said, "Violet Marshall."

"Norman Conrad," he answered. "My, what a lovely ring!" he added, oting the large blue sapphire on her finger.

"Yes, it was a gift from a former lover," Violet said. "She said it had a great power over men." Violet let the ring catch the light from the flickering candle, and Norman discovered that he couldn’t keep his eyes off it. "Do you feel the power, Norman?"

Norman felt that something was keeping his attention focused on the azure stone. Violet continued to speak, but somehow the exact content of her words seemed unimportant, only the sound of her voice mattered. In fact, he could swear her voice was all he could hear, though he knew he must be surrounded by the normal noises of the bar.

Sometime later, Violet suggested they leave, and Norman found himself compelled to follow her to her home.

Violet looked her creation over carefully. Katrina was dressed in a little black dress, its skirt revealing her shapely legs to about four inches above the knee, those legs perched on five-inch black pumps. Her hair was pulled back into chignon, with a waved bang over her right eye. Earrings dangled from her lobes.

"All set for your first day as my assistant, Katrina?" Violet asked.

"Yes Mistress Violet," the ingenue replied.

"Well, let’s see if Norman is as eager," Violet laughed. She revealed the ring. "Out of the ring, Norman." Katrina’s poise and femininity dissipated as Norman’s male self regained control of his transformed body. "Ready to be a flirty female, Norman?"

Despite himself, Norman answered affirmatively. "Yes, Mistress. I don’t know how you did it, but ever since our meeting in that bar, I have wanted nothing more than to please you—"

"—and your being a walking invitation to men pleases me immensely," Violet answered.

His mistress’s approval caused a stirring in Norman’s cock, especially when she talked about his attractiveness to men. He’d never had a homosexual urge before, but since meeting Violet he found all his erotic thoughts centering around men…all the erotic thoughts that didn’t involve Violet, that is.

His memories of that night were hazy, but if he could recall them clearly, he’d know that Violet had spent the better part of the evening deepening his trance, making him ever more obedient and responsive to her suggestions and commands. By the time they shared a bed that night, Violet had virtually removed all his normal male sexual responses. He climaxed that night while servicing his new mistress’s needs with his mouth.

The next day, Violet continued her campaign to remake Norman. Keeping him deep in a hypnotic haze, she invaded his mouth with a sweet-tasting phallic sucker, and his ass with a series of dildos in ever-increasing sizes. She emphasized how they filled him, how they made him feel complete, and kept increasing his sexual arousal so that he would connect his own orgasm with satisfying a hard cock by mouth or bottom.

Then came the physical makeover—having convinced him that his sexual pleasures were best satisfied with men, she worked on developing an appearance and a personality that would attract men. In a week’s time, with the phrase, "Into the ring, Norman," she could completely submerge her slave’s male self beneath the sweet but slightly slutty persona of Katrina.

Today was the culmination of that transformation, as Katrina prepared to attend her mistress as an office assistant…and in any other way Violet desired. "Into the ring, Norman," Violet said, and
the female personality reasserted itself.

Several hours later, Katrina was seated at the desk outside Violet’s office, enjoying the occasional lustful looks from male workers passing by, when a tall, handsome older man came out of the elevator. "I have an appointment with Miss Marshall—Roger Jackson."

Katrina licked her lips at the sight of the masculine image before her. "Certainly, sir, one moment." She buzzed the inner office. "Violet, Mr. Jackson is here for his meeting."

Violet appeared at the door and escorted the visitor in.

"So, Roger, what do you think of my new assistant, little Katrina?" she asked, once the door was closed.

"Quite attractive—what is she, your eleventh assistant since you took over the firm?" he asked. "And, I assume, much like all the rest?"

"Oh, yes," Violet answered, smiling. "I’ve been quite bereft since June left to marry Simon Roberts last year. Just as I was when Alice left, and then Betty, and then Carol….Well, you get the picture.

"When I met her male counterpart a week ago, I realized immediately I had found a replacement."

Roger grinned. "I’m afraid you may be looking for a Laura before too long. I’ve a client coming into town tonight—Peter Brightman. I’ve told him about the services you and your assistants provide and he’s interested in meeting with you. Any chance of a double-date this evening?"

"It’s a little early in the game, but Katrina’s been a quick study and is very eager for her first ‘conquest’," Violet replied. "All right, shall we say eight o’clock at the Plaza?"

"Eight o’clock, it is," Roger agreed.

Several hours later, Violet observed as Katrina prepared for her first date. The transformed young man had changed into an even shorter little black dress, sheer black stockings held up by a wispy garter belt and black pumps with six-inch heels. She had let her hair down from the chignon and it fell to her shoulders in soft waves.

Katrina strutted before the full-length mirror, posing and trying to decide on her best look of sultry innocence. A flash of blue caught her eye: Violet had put on the sapphire ring and was extending it in Katrina’s direction. Upon seeing the magnificent stone, Katrina lapsed into a deep trance.

"Katrina, tonight Roger will introduce you to Peter Brightman. When you hear his name and see his face, you will immediately consider Peter to be the most attractive, most masculine man you have ever met. Your eyes will be drawn to his crotch, especially. During the evening, you will do everything in your power to seduce him; you will ignore any other man, you will concentrate all your attention on Peter. You will flirt with him, pet with him. He will be aware of your dual nature, and you will not be afraid to let him experience all your charms.

"I fully expect Peter to ask you to join him for the night. You will consider this the most wonderful proposition you have ever heard. You will readily agree to it. And one more thing…."

The women arrived at the Plaza promptly at eight and found their dates waiting for them at the bar.

"Violet! Katrina! Here’s someone I want you to meet," Roger said. "This is Peter Brightman."

At the sound of that name, Katrina’s eyes widened and her smile brightened. She all but ignored the rest of Roger’s introduction, concentrating all her attention on her date. She took his arm as they entered the dining room, Smiling up into his face, letting her free hand brush his hand, and watching surreptitiously to see what reaction her attentions caused at his crotch.

Throughout dinner, Katrina sat so that her long, sexy legs were fully exposed to Peter’s view, letting her scandalously short skirt ride high enough that her stocking tops and a hint of garter were visible.

She laughed at Peter’s every joke, answered affirmatively to his every suggestion, danced close and seductively when asked, letting her hands stray to her man’s crotch, feeling the bulge grow there…and feeling her own bulge grow in response. At one point, she took Peter’s hand and guided it to her own pantied loins, letting his fingers brush
against the firmness there. Peter looked at her and smiled lustfully; she returned the smile in kind.

Roger made the first move, giving his friend an opening. "Violet, would you be interested in a nightcap upstairs?" he asked.

"Certainly," she replied.

Peter turned to Katrina. "Join me in my room?" he asked.

The question was the most seductive phrase Katrina had ever heard. "Yes," she breathed, again letting her hand touch Peter’s still rampant erection.

Moments later, Peter and Katrina were in his hotel room. Hardly waiting for the latch to click behind them, Katrina slipped out of her dress, revealing her black satin lingerie and the immense bulge within her panties.

Peter gasped. "Let me see," he said.

Katrina dropped her panties and her cock sprang to full attention. She moved closer to the man and placed her hand directly over his crotch. "Let me see yours, too," she purred.

Peter slipped off his jacket and pants, then lowered his briefs, letting his massive erection spring free. Immediately, Katrina dropped to her nylon-clad knees and took the hard cock into her mouth. When she had him on the verge of coming, she stopped…and moved seductively to the bedside. She lay down upon it, her ass fully exposed. "I have other charms," she whispered.

Peter removed the rest of his clothes and climbed into the bed. He began by caressing Katrina’s tits, making the nipples hard and erect, then he moved to her cock, shocked to find it so hard, yet still holding back from coming. Katrina wiggled her bottom at him; it was clear what she wanted.

"I think I need a little more lubrication," he said.

"I can fix that," Katrina said, and again took his cock deep into her throat.

"Enough, enough!" Peter cried. "Or we’ll never get to the next part!"

Peter’s cock, now slippery with Katrina’s saliva, slid easily into her ass-pussy, and he felt her rock back onto his shaft, allowing it to move even deeper within her. He began a slow, easy motion, one that she matched, and soon he felt himself nearing the brink.

He remembered the instructions Roger had given him, instructions on how to give his TV slut date the best possible experience and make her devoted to him. Just as he was coming, he cried, "Out of the ring, Norman!"

With that, Katrina/Norman came simultaneously, and both parts of the combined personality fell instantly in love with Peter Brightman.

Six months later, Violet sat in the reception hall in a formal suit, watching with great interest as Peter Brightman waited at the front for his bride.

The band struck up the wedding march, and Roger appeared at the top of the grand staircase, acting as "father of the bride". He extended his arm and a vision in white satin and lace joined him—Katrina. It was hardly a traditional bride’s dress—the hem was short, stopping six inches above her knees, revealing her long legs in their white lace
stockings. Her shoes were white patent leather with six-inch heels and straps secured with little padlocks.

The bodice of the dress clung like a second skin to her full breasts, which were revealed by a daring d├ęcolletage. Nested in the cleavage was a gold pendant in the shape of an erect cock, with a small sapphire at the head.

The two moved down the aisle and joined Peter. The civil service was over quickly. But through it all Violet carefully observed one of Peter’s ushers, a slight young man with a diffident air. He noticed her attention and smiled nervously.

"Hmmm," thought Violet. "Perhaps I’ve found ‘Laura’…."


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