Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Not Quite Real

Chapter Two--Jane Jazzes Things Up

James followed his guide to a darkened room and, like Mark, was subjected to a series of hypnotic and subliminal programs, all tied to the sultry and voluptuous Jane Russell.

And like Mark, he awoke more than 12 hours later as the door opened and light streamed in from the hallway. "Good morning, James," his guide, Barbara said. "Ready to continue your training?"

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, as he rose from the recliner in an exceedingly feminine manner. His knees stayed together and he seemed to thrust his upper torso forward.

Barbara smiled. Looks like the boss was right, she thought. The programming can be used to mimic gender changes as well as other behavior. "C'mon," she said aloud, "we'll get you some breakfast." She let James lead the way out of the room, while she marveled at the feminine wiggle to his ass.

Once James had eaten his fill, Barbara looked him in the eye and said, "Gentlemen don't prefer blondes." Instantly, the full complement of his subliminal training took hold. His voice changed to sexy alto and his eyes lowered to a half-lidded bedroom stare.

"What's next?" he asked boldly, in the unabashed forwardness that marked his model's screen persona.

"Come with me to Miss Elaine," Barbara said, "who will complete your physical transformation, Jane."

"This is our second gender-switch?" Elaine asked when they arrived. Barbara nodded. "He's a remarkably good choice. The height is right and those broad shoulders will carry the artificial enhancements quite easily." She stopped for a moment. "We found it somewhat easier to deal with 'Marilyn' when she was still in trance."

"No problem," Barbara agreed. "Jane is the outlaw," she said, and the half-feminized boy dropped back into the deep sleep that had marked his earlier training.

Elaine helped settle him into the styling chair and then began her work, darkening James' hair to a deep chestnut shade, then weaving in extensions to give him the long, wavy coif of the classic Russell characters. She emphasized the heaviness of his lids with dark shadow, eyeliner and mascara, and subtly increased the fullness of his lips with collagen injections before coloring them a deep crimson.

She was beginning to fit the prosthetic breasts when June entered. "Hold it, Elaine," the boss ordered. "We have a problem.

"I just got a call from Ms. Fleming. She wants Jane Russell in the famous outfit from The Outlaw publicity campaign...."

"You mean the one with the blouse that's practically falling off?" Elaine asked.

"That's the one," she replied.

"But that will never work with prosthetic breasts, we'd have to do implants--"

"--Yes, and I promised these young men no physical changes to their bodies," June continued. "But this account is too important."

"What can you do?" Elaine wondered.

"I have to convince James that getting Russell-sized implants is his idea," she answered. "Are you about done?" When Elaine nodded, June ordered, "Let's get him back to the indoctrination room. I've set up some new tapes."

Within a short time, James was again absorbing new information and feelings from the sounds and images in the darkened room. These images were of busty women and, more often than not, the images faded subtly into images of that at times, it seemed the massive breasts were his. Meanwhile, the voice spoke of the beauty of the female breast, of its sensitivity and sexiness.

Four hours later, James was awakened from his trance and made a request. "Miss Carpenter, there's only way my impersonation is going to really be authentic," he said, still using the faux-Russell voice that had been drilled into him. "I'm going to need breast implants."

June smiled. Ms. Fleming would get everything she wanted, after all.

Later that afternoon, in Elaine's cosmetic surgery, teflon bags filled with saline solution were placed beneath James' own male breasts. June observed how they mimicked reality, helped dress the now completely transformed boy into a stunning low-cut gown, and then said, ""Gentlemen don't prefer blondes."

The full Jane Russell persona reasserted itself upon James' psyche. Oddly he felt his hands drawn to his now enlarged nipples. He played with them through the fabric of the gown and his bra...and June watched a bulge grow in the tightness of his gown's skirt.

"You gave him a breast fetish?" Elaine asked.

"It was the easiest way to make him want those boobs himself," June replied, as the second of her newest group of impersonators orgasmed during his first experience as a glamour queen.

Still to come: Chapter Three--Ann-Margret Acts Up

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