Thursday, June 12, 2014

Not Quite Real

Chapter Three--Ann-Margret Acts Up

Like his fellows, Andy woke up in the darkened room as his guide, Susan, entered. "Good morning, Andy," Susan said. "Ready to continue your training?"

"Yes, ma'am," Andy replied. He arose from the recliner and smoothed his hands down over his body, just as a sexy woman might to straighten her curve-clinging dress. Susan gestured to the door, then followed him out, marveling at the ass-swinging walk his subliminal learning had induced.

They went straight to breakfast and then to the beauty salon. On the way, Susan looked Andy directly in the eye and said, "Bye bye, birdie."

With that, Andy's mouth took on a sexy pout, his eyes a certain sparkle, and his voice an alto with a slight mid-western twang. "Are we almost ready for me to make my debut?" he asked.

"We are," Susan answered. "Right after Miss Elaine is through with you." And she pointed him into the salon.

"Our third subject?" asked Miss Elaine.

"Yes," Susan said. "I understand you prefer to work on them while they are 'asleep'?" Elaine nodded. "Very well--carnal knowledge." And Andy sank back into his trance as Elaine guided him into the styling chair.

An hour later, it was an even more different Andy who lay quietly in that chair. His red hair had been lightened and made brighter and extensions added to it, giving him soft curls that fell to his shoulders.

As Elaine began to bring out the clothes to dress him, June came in. "Having had to 'enhance' James for his part, I've decided I might as well do with all of them. Mark is already being worked on...bring Andy back to the training room, immediately.

"Oh, and Ms. Fleming has sent along a training tape she wants them all to hear. But she's made me promise not to try to find out what's on it," she added.

Once back in the training room, like his friends, Andy was subjected to further indoctrination, giving him an irresistable desire to have breast implants, as well as something of a self-breast fetish. As a further 'enhancement,' Andy's exhibitionism was increased, so that he had a desire to display his feminine charms in song and dance.

After the surgery, Andy was awakened with the all-important phrase, "Bye bye, birdie." Dressed in a copy of one of Ann-Margret's stage act dresses, he came to facing a mirror, like the others. He looked at his long, nylon-clad legs, perched on high-heeled dancing shoes. He pouted, then smiled, and tossed his coppery locks.

Then he broke out into a sexy, Bob Fosse-inspired dance, running his hands over his body and reveling in his own sex-appeal.

Suddenly, he stopped, froze, and shuddered. Then broke out into a dazzling smile.

"Did he just--?" Susan asked.

"Oh, yes--just like the others," June responded. "They're all ready for their assignments tomorrow."


June Carpenter arrived at the Fleming home in the limousine, her three ultimate look-alike creations with her. In order to maintain the surprise for the guests, all three had come out of makeup and deeply entranced.

June led them up to the room that had been setup as their "green room" and brought each one of trance with his respective trigger phrase.

Then came the announcement from the party room: "Ladies, may we present--Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, and Ann-Margret!"

Each of the three strutted out onto the stage area, completely in character, completely unable to break into a male gesture, let alone a feminine one that didn't fit the persona they had assumed. June was surprised by one thing: All the guests were female!

Once the performance was over, and the "girls" were permitted to go backstage to rest, June watched as an auction of some sort was held. Three items were bid for, the winning bids going to three attractive matrons in their 40s. Apparently, the money--totaling somewhere in the six-figure range--was to go to a charity.

Finally, Marilyn, Jane and Ann-Margret came back out to mingle with the guests. June noted that each of the auction winners managed to be the first to speak to the performers. She stood close as the conversations began, each with the same phrase: "We have a contract."

Upon hearing that sentence, each of the three "girls" seemed to slip back into a lighter version of the trance June had first induced in them. Each turned to her companion and said, "Yes, mistress."

And then they were led off.

June strode immediately over to Ms. Fleming. "What's going on? What was on those tapes you made me play for them?"

"Nothing that will harm them permanently, I assure you," Ms. Fleming cooed. "But once I heard how you had solved the problem, I knew I had a way to make a fortune for my charity--which was the whole point of the party, anyway.

"You see," she continued, "each of these women is a wealthy bisexual, with an interest in having a complete sexual submissive at her beck and call for the weekend. They bid in the auction for the services of your three lovelies." She turned back to the entrance. "Ah, here come the lucky winners, now."

June turned to see Marilyn, Jane and Ann-Margret led in on leashes, their hands chained behind them. As each matron took a seat, her plaything kneeled beside her. They seemed quite taken with their "captors" and were happy to be seen as sex-toys.

"Don't worry," Ms. Fleming said. "We can remove their sexual submission programming as easily as you remove the programming that makes them into copies of the stars.

"Of course," she cautioned, "they may discover they like being little male lesbians all the time!"

The End

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