Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Low-Cut Solution continued

So, I went out to buy a push-up bra and the push-up inserts as outlined in this post. I couldn't find a push-up bra in my usual size (44C), so I went for the largest I could get, 40D. I also couldn't find one with just a smooth cup. I also got the inserts in the largest size available, B/C.

Here's the first attempt. The bra is worn as tight as possible, to increase how much the flesh is pushed together. The inserts are placed under the flesh. The shot on the top is unedited, the one on the bottom with just a touch of additionally shading added digitally.

And here with the low-cut violet top from Thursday:

I wondered if additional padding might improve the illusion, so I put a folded sock under each "breast" and used the inserts on the sides, to push the flesh up and in a bit more. The results:

I was unhappy with the way the pattern from the bra showed through the top, so I went out looking for a different bra...and also found another pair of inserts--these are A/B. With the new bra (same size, different style), I put the larger inserts under the breasts and the smaller ones on the sides. The result:

Better, but still not as good as I think it could be. I'm considering making a set of larger inserts myself, by using the same process I use for my fake boobs, but at only half the size of the usual boobs. I'm hoping that will really push the flesh up and in. My next chance to experiment will be in a week or so.

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