Tuesday, June 30, 2015

(S)he's Got Legs--Part Three

Returning home that evening, Harley found yet another note in his mailbox:

Go immediately to purchase a dozen skirts. Each is to be a different color or pattern and none is to be longer than six inches above your knees. OBEY!!

Harley turned right around and headed again to the same department store, and went directly to the women's department. The same amused salesgirl saw him and decided to take a more direct approach today. "Hello, sir, is there something I can assist you with?" she asked, smiling and taking in the new addition to his increasingly feminine attire. She was pretty certain she knew what he would require.

"Yes, please, I'm looking for some mini-skirts...in my size," he replied.

"Well, I'm sure I can find what you need," she said, giggling. She led him to the plus-size juniors department. "I'd say you're an 18 or 20, depending on the style and the manufacturer." She went through the racks, finding a range of skirts, from straight to pencil to a-line to pleated and flaired. "Try these on," she advised him, pointing to a fitting room.

As Harley took the skirts in to try on, the salesgirl got on the intercom and summoned her friends in other departments to come see her new "favorite" customer. They were all gathered together when Harley emerged in the first of the skirts, an a-line design in red that ended inches above his stockinged knees.

"Oh, that's cute," one of the girls remarked. "What great legs you have!" another exclaimed. Pleased by their compliments, Harley went back in to try another of the skirts, this time a tight pencil skirt.

"My word, such a nice little buns," the initial salesgirl said. "This is a lovely choice for you."

In time, Harley tried on almost two dozen skirts, choosing the most attractive styles and colors for the twelve he was ordered to buy. The salesgirls all gathered around while he paid for them, urging him to return soon.

The next morning, Harley came to work in a flared pink miniskirt and pink hose, with his black patent kitten heels. Vera was pleased with his choice but then reconsidered. "Those shoes simply will not do," she thought. "Harley, come to my office. OBEY!"

Harley scurried to her side. "You need different shoes. Here's the address of my favorite shoe store. Go there now and pick out a pair of pink patent leather pumps...nothing shorter than four-inch heels. While you're there, get five more in the same style in assorted colors. OBEY!"

Harley immediately followed her command, returning an hour later with five shoeboxes and a pair of pink patent pumps with five-inch heels on his feet.

"Much better," Vera mused. "We're almost done."

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