Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Carla Cutecurls

So, what did he do to wind up here?

He refused his mistress's commands--he wouldn't dress as a girl in public!

Oh, never a wise choice. So what is his punishment?

Read it for yourself--his mistress wrote out the whole thing for me.

Well! He's certainly in for it, isn't he? But he seems so calm about it all...have you...?

Yes, I've already injected him with the submission serum. He's completely obedient for the next several hours...and totally suggestible. He'll follow any instructions we give him after it wears off!

Why don't you get started? I'll sit and enjoy the show for a while.

Hello, Carl...feeling comfortable?

Yes, miss...

That's good. We're going to start with some hair treatments. I'm going to frost your hair, first...give it nice icing of platinum blonde. Won't that be pretty?

Oh yes, miss, that sounds wonderful....

Good! Now just relax while I place this frosting cap on you and begin to pull some of your hair through the holes. You may feel a tugging on your scalp....

Oh...yes, miss...I feel that! Ouch! Must you tug so hard?

Yes, Carl, I have to make sure the hair is secure through the cap. But come now, a little pain is necessary to be pretty, isn't it?

I suppose so, miss...will I be pretty when you're done?

Very pretty, indeed, Carl.

I'm a man...men aren't supposed to be pretty...

That's the old view of society talking, Carl. Nowadays, men can be whatever they want to be...or what their women want them to be. Your mistress wants you to be pretty. You want to please your mistress, don't you?

Oh, yes, miss...Mistress gets very angry when I don't please her...

That's good...now, I'm applying the bleach to your hair. It's going to be a lovely silver blonde when I'm done.

Isn't that awfully drastic, miss?

It's what your mistress desires, Carl...isn't that what you desire?

Oh, of course, miss...

Now, come over to the dryer, Carl. We must apply heat for the bleach to process properly. I'll lower the hood over your head...now, just relax and let it work.

Isn't that the dryer with...?

With the hookup for the subliminal messages? Yes, of course...would you like to hear a little of what Carl is listening to?


...you are a prissy little thing...you mince when you walk...you carry your elbows close to your waist, your lower arms extended, your hands pointed down at the wrist...you lisp when you speak...

Wy word! He'll be a simpering little pansy when he wakes up!

Exactly! Just as his mistress wishes him to be!


Well, he's been under there for an hour now. Time to move to the next step. Carl, how do you feel?

I feel quite refreshed, mith. Can I thee my new hair now?

Not quite yet, Carl...it's not all finished yet. Let me get my clippers...


Oh, yes, Carl is going to have a very interesting look when we're done. There we go, sweetie...nice and short all around. Now for the curlers and the perm.

Perm, mith? Like a permanent wave?

Oh, definitely, Carl...you're going to have just the cutest mop of tight curls....

Oh, dear, mith...I will look tho completely girlish!

Not exactly, dear. There...all the curlers are in and soaked with perm solution. Back under the dryer for you.

More mind processing too?

Oh, yes...here, give a listen:

Your name is Carla Cutecurls...you are not a girl...you are not a man...you are a sissy, a pansy, a nancy-boy...you wear girlish clothes but never skirts or dresses...>

He'll be a laughing stock!

Yes, even in the fetish community he will be absurd. You should see the outfit she sent for him to wear when he leaves!


All right, Carla, almost done...let me do your makeup. Not too much, of course...we want you looking sissy-ish, not like a woman! That's it, just a little eyeshadow and mascara, some blush, some lip gloss. Now, I'll take out your curlers and then we'll get you dressed!

Mith, I thtill haven't theen what I look like!

Soon, Carla, very soon! Here, put on this little training bra...no, no inserts for it. And these pretty panties. Now, this cute little halter top that leaves your tummy showing. And these tight capri pants, so that your panty lines are clearly visible. Finally, these patent leather kitten heels...be careful walking in them at first!

He's a picture of humiliating feminization!

Yes, he is...now, Carla, look in the mirror...what do you think?

Oh, thank you, mith...I am just the perfect thithy boy my mithtreth wanted!


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