Thursday, September 17, 2015

Crime and Punishment--Part Seven

Six months later:

Sally knocked and waited for the door to open. When it did, she saw Michelle in a pink satin maid's uniform with layers of petticoats. Michelle curtseyed and said, "Welcome, Miss Sally."

"Miss Sally!" the detective exclaimed. "Well, you seem to have fully committed to the sissy submissive style."

"Yes, Miss," the maid replied. "I have learned that Macho Mike the cop was merely a facade...this is the real me."

While Sally wondered how much of that was due to Madame Fabricantfille's hypnotic influence, she could see her former partner was happy in his new life (or is that her new life?), so she let it go. "Madame F asked me to come by to see how Arthur is coming along."

"They are in the play room, Miss," Michelle said, leading the detective that way, mincing on her six-inch heels. "And it's Athena, now..."

Athena--goddess of wisdom? Sally pondered the meaning of that choice of name for the former beater of CDs and TGs. Michelle opened the door to the play room and stepped aside as Sally entered. "Ahhh...M'amselle detective! How good to see you again!" Madame F airkissed her and led her to the comfortable couch along one wall. "Athena will be along in a moment. I think you will be quite pleased and surprised by her new look."

Sally was much more interested in what Madame F might have done to Arthur Travis's mind than his body...though she supposed in this case the two might go hand in hand. A door on the far end of the room opened and what seemed to ba a stunning woman entered.

"Sally, allow me to present Athena!"

Could this really be Arthur? If so, he had had extensive work done on his face and body. Were those 40DD implants? Had they removed a couple of ribs to get that waistline? Had his ass been enlarged as well? However, clearly his male equipment was intact, if the bulge in the panties was any indication.

"Well, Athena, say hello to Detective Sally," Madame F commanded.

"Hello, bitch!" came a gruff male voice from the feminine form.

"Non, non, that will never do, cheri," Madame F admonished. "Dulcet tones..."

With those words, a change seem to come over Athena. Though her eyes still blazed with hate, her attitude became less arrogant and her voice shifted to a breathy contralto. "Yes, Madame...good evening, Miss Sally," she said now.

"I can turn on and off her masculine identity with a few choice phrases," Madame F whispered to Sally. "But within, the male psyche remains and seethes at being turned into the very thing he so despised before.

"But did he truly despise it?" she asked, rhetorically. "Observe his arousal...that is not my doing. The first time we put him in feminine clothing, it manifested. I believe his violent reactions to males in female clothing were caused by his own latent desire to look as feminine as possible...and his failure to achieve that goal."

"What will you do with him now?" Sally asked.

"Many of my clients are interested in having a shemale slave who retains a masculine mentality...because they wish to humiliate him and subject him to public exposure," Madame F explained. "Athena will available for rent to them."

"But why Athena?"

"Ahh, oui...the goddess of wisdom--perhaps this will make Arthur see the wisdom of letting others live the lives they choose for themselves!"


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