Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Crime and Punishment--Part Six

[If you've lost track, the last part was published here.]

One year later:

Sally sat at her desk, looking out the window with the painted letters "Sally Morton--Investigations and Protection." In the 12 months since she left the force, she had gained a reputation among the cross-dressing and transgender population of the city for discreet handling of their problems. It had even led to her finding her current secretary: Maddie, born as Madison, was a beautiful and efficient addition to her office.

And now, she knocked and entered. "You have a prospective client waiting, Boss. Her name is Alexis."

Maddie stepped aside and let the newcomer enter. Though she was petite and very feminine to the untrained eye, Sally could tell by a certain over-the-topness in her style and other clues, that Alexis had probably been born Alexander.

"Have a seat, Alexis. How can I help you?" Sally asked.

"Well, Ms. Morton--" she began.

"--Sally, please," the detective interrupted.

"--well, Sally, I've been having a problem with a certain former beau. Perhaps you've heard the name--Arthur Travis?"

Sally certainly had heard the name. Travis was well-known in the TG circles...he had a reputation for dating CDs and TGs for a week or so, then feigning shock and surprise when their true gender was revealed. He then beat them badly. Most of the girls so treated were too embarrassed or still far enough in the closet that they never reported the attacks.

"He...beat you?" Sally asked. "You look OK now."

"He always avoids the face," Alexis said. "I'm black and blue from my shoulders to my knees," she continued, her eyes falling downcast.

"Bastard," Sally said under her breath. "I could have someone return the favor, of course," she suggested. "Though, I may have a more suitable punishment for Arthur Travis."

"Then you'll take my case?" Alexis said, smiling for the first time since entering the office. She reached for her purse. "How much will it be?"

"No charge, honey," Sally said. "I'm going to enjoy this one."

Two nights later, Arthur Travis was seated at his favorite bar--not one of the TG-friendly places he haunted when he was looking for "fun"--when a spectacular brunette approached. "Mr. Travis," she said, sitting without waiting for an invitation, "my name is Sally Morton. You may know my name..."

"I've heard of you, babe...though you're really not my type." Travis replied with a sneer.

"I know, your type is a helpless crossdresser you can leave bruised and beaten," Sally responded, equally nasty. "By the way, you know the bartender here is a friend of mine. If that last drink tasted a bit strange, well..."

Travis looked at the glass and then back into Sally's eyes, his own gaze going slightly out of focus. "Sleep, Arthur," she said as his chin dropped to his chest.


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