Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dolls 'R' Us--Part One


Are you obsessed with dolls? Do you think sex with a doll would be amazing? Do you think being a doll is sexy? We can help.

Call 1-800-PLASTIC to live your fantasy.


"Welcome, Mr. Roberts," the beautiful receptionist greeted the newcomer. "Welcome to Dolls 'R' Us."

"Thank you," he replied, a nervous stammer in his voice. "I...I'm not really sure what to expect...."

"Relax," she said, in a calming voice. "Our therapists and technicians will know exactly how to help you live the fantasy of your choice." She pressed a button on her desk. "I'm contacting them now."

A few moments later, two equally beautiful women came out of a door on the far side of the waiting room. Both wore white lab coats. "Mr. Roberts," said the first of the two, a stunning brunette. "I am Dr. Madchenmacher. This is Madame Fabricantfille," she said, indicating the redhead who accompanied her. "Please follow us and we'll begin...."

They led him to a well-appointed office. The doctor took a seat at the desk, indicating that Mr. Roberts should sit in the chair in front of it. Madame Fabricantfille lounged on a couch to the side. "Now, Mr. Roberts, what kind of doll do you fantasize about?"

"Well, you see," he started, with a gulp, "I...I..."

"Come now, Mr. Roberts, no need to be nervous," the redhead advised. "Dr. Madchenmacher and I have heard all kinds of kinks..."

"I...well, I simply can't walk past the display of sex dolls in a porn shop without getting a hard-on," he admitted.

"And you've never actually purchased one?" the doctor asked.

"Oh, yes, I have...but the sex never seemed really fulfilling."

"What was missing?"

"The doll doesn't respond," he answered. "It was like having a sex with a balloon."

"I see..." The doctor turned to her associate. "Madame, do you think we can help this poor man?"

"Oh, yes," Madame Fabricantfille replied. "I could create a hypnotic trigger that would make him believe the sex doll was alive."

Mr. Roberts smiled. "You could?"

She grinned, devilishly. "Of course...."

Six hours later, a new sex doll sat in the chair. Anyone looking closely would see that her chest rose and fell with breathing; they would also see that she closely resembled Mr. Roberts.

"A wonderful job with the physical transformation, Doctor," Madame Fab said.

"Thank you, Madame," the doctor replied. "It only matches the job you did with the mind. Of course, we didn't tell Mr. Roberts that the sex doll he would believe is alive is him! Or, rather, her...."

"Yes..." Madame Fab said. "She will make a wonderful addition to our collection of living dolls for our customers. It's the payment we demand for our services. After six months, she'll be given the choice to return to her male self and a life of sex with our other dolls, or continue as a doll."

"It's amazing how many of them decide to remain as dolls," Doctor Madchenmacher noted. "I guess that hypnotic trigger for an orgasm with every client is stronger than we expected!"


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