Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Marriage of Belle Bottom


Six months passed as Belle became more and more his aunt's favorite plaything. Finally, there came the day when, at an appointment at Angela's salon once more, Angela made a surprising announcement.

"I've shown some pictures of Belle to my daughter Athena, and she is quite taken. Athena would like to become Belle's spouse. Is that agreeable to you?"

Vera thought for a moment. "On the one hand, I would hate to lose this little darling...but, yes, I suppose it is time for her to leave the nest. Would Athena like to meet her future bride/groom?"

"She says it is not necessary," Angela replied. "She thinks it will be far more fun to have the pretty thing meet her at the altar! However, Athena is very into 'pegging' her lovers and especially if they have suitably ample asses. She wants to know if we can prepare Belle for that."

"Of course, we can!" Vera exclaimed. "You'd like to have a nice round bubble-butt, wouldn't you, Belle?"

Trained to accept any suggestion from her dominant aunt, Belle replied, "Of course, Auntie, if that is what you wish...but what is meant by 'pegging'?"

"Never you mind, sweetheart, we'll get to that later."

In the next few weeks, a new set of subliminal messages was added to Belle's regimen:

You want to have a big are a pretty girl...pretty girls have nice round bottoms...pretty girls show off their round bottoms in tight clothes...

A month later, Belle came to Vera. "Auntie, why haven't you given me my big round ass yet? I so want to have the proper bubble-butt of a pretty girl..."

"I have already made the necessary arrangements, Belle. You go into the hospital tomorrow."

Late the next day, Belle awoke in her hospital bed...she could tell something about her body had changed, even without noticing the bandages around her hips. "Auntie?" she asked.

"I'm here, dear," Vera said, coming into her view.

"Auntie, will I have a pretty, ample ass now?" Belle asked.

"Oh yes, a week or so, you will have one of the prettiest, sexiest bottoms you've ever seen!"

Sure enough, Belle made her second debut just ten days later, clad in a form-fitting black dress. She posed for the assembled guests with her legs together, back to them, to better expose the massive orbs of her new behind. "Ladies," Vera announced, "with this new...addition...we have given Belle an added name. She will now be known as Belle Bottom!"

Belle blushed at her new appellation, but had to admit it was fitting.

Later at the unveiling, she overheard a conversation between Angela and her aunt. "And when will you begin Belle's training for her 'pegging'?" the salon mistress asked.

"This very night," Vera replied. "The new phrases are being added to her nightly regimen."

What did all this mean, Belle wondered. Would she finally find out what was meant by 'pegging?'

That night, Belle was put to bed as usual, with her headphones on and the soothing voice of her auntie sending her to sleep and into trance...but new words were mixed in:

You love to have your ass-pussy feel empty without something in your ass-pussy...when you hear the words open wide, you will relax your ass-pussy to be penetrated..

That regimen was continued for a week, until one day Vera invited Belle into the family playroom. "Belle, please lie on the chaise, face down, bottom up." Belle obeyed, as always, and then Vera slid a pillow under her hips, raising her newly-enlarged butt. Vera walked to one of the cabinets and came back with a dildo, a large faux-cock. She flipped up Belle's skirt, lowered her panties, and pressed the well-lubicated shaft against Belle's ass-pussy.

"Open wide," she said, and Belle felt all the muscles in her bottom relax as the dildo slid into her. "Feels good, doesn't it?" Vera asked.

"Oh, yes, Auntie..." Belle sighed.

"Well, now you have been well and truly 'pegged' for the first time."


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