Friday, December 30, 2016

The Janus Syndrome--2016-2017

Every year about this time, I post about how well I met my goals for the old year and what my goals for the new year will be. (BTW, Janus is the two-faced Roman god who looked both backward and forward, making him the patron of doorways and of the new year, hence January being named for him.)

Last year's goals:

1. Dress at least once a month (again).

Looking back over my postings, I see I managed this. Not a month went by that I didn't dress at least once.

2. Post almost every day.

I seem to have managed this, for the most part. As of the day I wrote up this post, I had 352 postings in 2016.

3. Finish a new story as often as possible (every two months?).

Didn't really make this goal, although I did get two new stories written and posted and a third begun (before I hit a roadblock on it); I promise I'll try to at least finish that one soon.

4. Start a tumblr page (not sure how it will differ from this blog, but I want to give it a shot).

Accomplished this and you can see the results here.

Goals for 2017:

1. Continue to dress at least once a month; this one already has a good start, as I have firm plans for dressing in January and February.

2. Post almost every day....with a goal to breaking this year's posting total.

3. Post more unusual the recent one about the psychology of forced feminization.

4. Cull the wardrobe of the stuff that doesn't really fit.

Happy New Year!

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