Monday, December 12, 2016

The Psychology of Forced Feminization

In an attempt to find different kinds of things to post here, I ran across this article:

The Psychology of Forced Feminization

I will quote some of the more interesting parts of it.

The most important thing to note about forced feminisation is that it is not ‘forced.’ Forced feminisation would be to take a heterosexual male with no crossdressing desires, force him to wear women’s clothes and then make him perform sex acts on men. That would be truly ‘forced.’

There is nothing that a crossdreamer does in his forced feminisation fantasy that he would not want to do anyway. In reality it should be called ‘delegated feminisation’ because the dominatrix is giving him what he wants. Therefore, if the advent of a dominatrix allows him to act out his deepest fantasies, why is he being forced? Your answer maybe ‘yes, but that’s all they would be – fantasies – the advent of the dominatrix forces him to actually fulfill them.’ And I would answer, ‘yes… exactly.’

A part of forced feminisation fantasies, and all forced fantasies, is really logistical: if it’s forced then its more likely to happen, which makes the fantasy more realistic, which makes it more arousing. Almost all fantasies that carry social shame and/or are difficult to execute, will inevitable throw up a forced version. It is an intrinsic property of so called ‘dirty’ fantasies.

Being forced, therefore, is like the Pavlov’s bell of their fantasy. The second they lay eyes on the latex clad dominatrix they salivate… because they know they can not back down, they can not escape… their deepest fantasy is about to be presented on a plate. ‘Forced’… no way: it is the dominatrix who is serving the submissive.

In the second part, tomorrow, we'll look at the humiliation aspect of all this. In the meantime, please respond to the survey at the right (details here)!

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