Friday, January 27, 2017

More on Erotic Hypnosis

Another link to a discussion of erotic hypnosis and the pertinent quote:

Recreational hypnosis most often refers to erotic hypnosis; hence, why the two terms are most often used synonymously. However, some people enjoy the process of hypnosis, going in and out of trance, unrelated to sex play and with no apparent therapeutic goal. This is still referred to as recreational hypnosis. As mentioned before, during hypnosis, your free will remains intact; however, it’s worth keeping in mind that erotic hypnosis can have a powerful effect on a person’s perception as well as an influence on their behavior. You will want to be careful how you use it — people might regret or be troubled by the actions they perform while under hypnosis.

People may use erotic hypnosis for the following reasons:

Reducing inhibitions related to sexual activities.
Increasing arousal or sensuality.
Hypnotic fantasy.
Within a dominant/submissive relationship to support power exchange.

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