Saturday, January 7, 2017

What is Erotic Hypnosis?

In the continuing desire to talk about the themes of this blog, let's look today at erotic hypnosis:

Here's a blog entry from a hypno-fetishist:

Well, the truth is, erotic hypnosis is one of those kinks that, while much more common than it seems, tends to be auto-filed under OMG TOO WEIRD FOR ME before it’s given a fair shake. So I wanted to warm you up to the Fetish Friday Feature with material that’s a little more culturally recognizable, things you’ve probably run across in various articulations of pop culture, before taking you into territory that is lesser known to the general public.

It also took a bit of a run-up before I felt confident enough in this medium, on this platform, to talk about something so intimately personal to me. Because erotic hypnosis is deeply intimate. It can reach so far beyond the trappings of socialization and enculturation, and tap the deepest, most primal wellsprings of arousal, desire, and pleasure. It can breathe life into the most hidden, taboo fantasies, manipulate the mind to perceive unimaginable amounts of sensation and stimulus, crack me right open like a ripe melon, revealing all my hidden desires and pleasures, raw, pulsing, bathing in arousal…

Being in trance doesn’t mean you no longer have any willpower or resistance, or that you are functionally “asleep.” You retain your autonomy and identity; the part of the brain responsible for making choices remains active under hypnosis. What changes is the part of the brain that worries about the consequences (especially social) of one’s actions. You’ll find yourself feeling less inhibited, more open to trying new things and following suggestions. Your mind and body become more receptive to stimuli.

While in this relaxed, very pleasurable trance state, the hypnotist partner can use the power of language and suggestion to create and enhance an endless variety of experiences, ranging from heightened sensitivity to pleasurable stimuli to elaborate visualized fantasy scenarios. For example, the hypnotist could suggest to you that your wrists are firmly but comfortably bound in place, and you find yourself feeling bound by invisible ropes, unable to move, knowing full well the effect is an illusion but revelling in the pleasure of the experience regardless. Feeling bound, you, the subject, become more open and vulnerable to the caresses and touches of your partner, both physical and aural.

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