Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Poll Results: Dani's Best Look--Week 19

Here's the winner, by a very large margin:

And here are the choices for the next round:

The blue sparkly top and the faux leather pants are both from Kohl's Dana Buchman line in April 2013; the shoes are Dollhouse "Margaretta" black pumps with metal heels, from Shoe Dept. in January 2010. Other accessories are a shiny bow, silver belt, and silver jewelry.

The white blouse with gold buttons is by Notations Woman, a thrift shop find in January 2012; the berry pleated skirt is from Target's Mossimo line in September 2012; the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" poppy patent pumps from Payless in June 2009. Other accessories are a pink bow, and gold jewelry.

The purple gown with jacket is by R&M Richards, bought at Ross in February 2015; the shoes are Moda Spana pewter spike heel pumps, a thrift shop find in November 2012. Other accessories are a purple bow, and silver jewelry.

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