Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dani at the Sissy Ball

Part Two: Arrival

The Sissy Ball was held annually at one of the ritziest hotels in Dani’s hometown. He had always known of it, but never attended because he had no local Mistress…and sissies were never allowed to attend unaccompanied. When she and Mistress Lola arrived, they were greeted at the top of the grand staircase by a lovely young woman in livery, who announced each couple. “Mistress Lola Venus,” she said, “ and her sissy, Dani!” As they descended, Dani’s eyes roved the hall. It appeared to be filled with beautiful women…but Dani knew that only half of those gorgeous creatures were born female—the other half were, like her, feminized males.

It wasn’t hard to see the difference, though. The sissies were almost invariably dressed in the most over-the-top of feminine caricature—lots of lace and frills and petticoats—or in costumes from a previous era. Dani saw a quartet of them in one corner, giggling and gossiping together, while their mistresses undoubtedly were engaged in far more serious matters. Three of them looked like they were dressed for a prom from the early 1960s…and the fourth like a Parisian femme fatale of the 1950s.

Dani looked down at her own attire. “Had Mistress made a mistake in dressing her this way?” Her club-like dress seemed too sexy, too provocative for her role as a submissive plaything at this event. She looked over at Mistress, who smiled and seemed to be aware of Dani’s question. “Don’t worry, my Sissified Sweetheart!” she said. “You look divine…and quite in keeping with my plans for the evening!

Dani shivered in response to her trigger. “Thank you, Mistress,” she replied. “And may I say you look ravishing as well!”

“Thank you as well, Dani.” Lola wore a low-cut, black figure-hugging dress that came to just below the knee, with strappy black sandals. The color made her porcelain skin and red hair stand out…and her hypnotic eyes were aglow. “But, tell me, how do you think I compare to the many other beautiful mistresses in attendance?”

Dani again scanned the room to examine all the dominant females. Mistress Lola was right; they were, one and all, quite beautiful…but something about them seemed wrong in Dani’s eyes. “I don’t know, Mistress…yes, they are all outstandingly beautiful, but, well, they seem to be trying too hard….”

“Trying too hard, dear? In what way?”

“Look at them, Mistress…all in skin-tight leather or latex. They appear to be advertising their dominance by the way they dress. You do not need to do that…your dominance shines through your more subtle mode of dressing.”

“Thank you again, Dani! Good Girl! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear…”

“You’re welcome, Mistress, of course. Would you like some wine?”

“Why, yes, darling….”

“Red or white?”

“Red, dear, to match my hair,” Lola answered, smiling. “The bar is right over there…” and she pointed to the right.

Dani went immediately to the bar. As she minced her way there, she saw the look of the dominant women. They smiled and nodded approvingly. She caught the glances of the sissies. They seemed so jealous. As she got to the bar and ordered the wine, Dani saw a beautiful, dazzling young woman standing there alone. She caught Dani’s eye, and smiled, coming over to you. “Well hello young lady…"

"Hello, miss..."

"I haven't seen you here before. Did you bring a sissy?"

Oh my! It seems she has mistaken me for a true woman! I must look better than I thought, thinks Dani. Aloud, she says, “Oh, Miss, I am a sissy. I am Mistress Lola Venus's sissy Dani."

"Oh you are? I never would have guessed--you look so feminine, so pretty, I could have sworn you were a girl like me!”

"Thank you, Miss...but the credit belongs to my Mistress!"

There’s a voice and a presence behind Dani. “Yes, but perhaps I did too good a job….”


Lola chuckled at Dani’s surprise and distress. “After all, this is the Sissy Ball--so…Squirt, Sissy, Squirt!

Dani’s little thing got hard again, showing through the tight skirt of her dress. She felt the the fabric hugging her little thing--impossible to hide in such a tight dress. She tugged down on the hem, trying to hide, but the dress was so small. She wasn’t sure whether to be embarrassed or proud of her Mistress's control. “Mistress! Are people staring?”

“Yes, dear…”

“I can't they like what they see?”

The young woman who had admired Dani such a short time ago stared, her eyes wide in surprise. She laughed at the silly sissy. Dani blushed in shame. Lola whispered in her ear, “Good Girl!”And that makes everything so much better. Dani stands tall, proud of being her Mistress's Good Girl.

“Thank you, Mistress!” Their laughter just made her happy that she was making them happy…as a good sissy should. “I am proud to have pleased you, Mistress….”

Good Girl, Dani! You enjoy your humiliation because it means you have made people happy--and that's what a sissy wants most. Isn't it?”

“Yes, Mistress!”


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