Friday, May 4, 2018

What exactly is Forced Feminization?

An interesting take on one of our favorite subjects:

When a Dom/me forces their male sub to put on feminine clothing and attire and behave in the feminine ways instructed, often involving ways of talking or bodily positions. Of course the male sub will plead and protest, but this is only surface level— usually what's going on deep down is immense arousal and the desire for the scene to proceed as intensely as possible, longing for more, more, more!*g*

Forced Feminization typically involves lots of costumes and wigs. A costume or lingerie on a man helps to achieve the authenticity of a scene, making it that much more sexy. Something like a corset will really get him ready to explore his feminine side. Couple that with a wig, and those long blonde curls will really transform the scene so you're both lost in that world—which is exactly where you want to be! *g* And don't forget about some high heels, because nothing says feminine like sex kitten shoes. The added bonus of heels is that because he's not used to wearing shoes like this, his level of subordination increases even more. He'll be at your mercy before he's locked up in bondage! *wink*

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